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Control jukebox location guide

Use the Jukebox Token, find the Expeditions jukebox

Control’s jukebox in Expeditions Image: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games via Polygon

Control’s Expeditions is a free update that brings a new mode to one of Polygon’s games of the year. To access the new Expeditions game mode, you’ll need to collect a Jukebox Token and drop it in a jukebox. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find both.

It’s worth noting that Expeditions is endgame content. You’ll need to finish Control’s “My Brother’s Keeper” mission before you access Expeditions or find the items below.

Head to the Executive Sector

Make your way to the Executive Sector’s Central Executive Control Point, where you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Collect the Jukebox Token, which is sitting on a large, gray crate next to the Central Executive Control Point. (Look for a big, green canister if you’re having trouble locating the crate.)
  2. Ask Arish about the Jukebox Token, which is easy because he’s standing at a table a few feet from where you get the Jukebox Token.

He’ll “explain” some (weird) stuff to Jesse, and you’ll get a new objective.

Use the token in the jukebox

Your next objective is to put the Jukebox Token in the jukebox, because Control. Where’s the jukebox? About 20 minutes of running in circles away. (Zing!) It’s actually not far from Arish, and it’s easy to access as long can find the damn thing.

Here’s how to find Control’s jukebox:

  1. From the Central Executive Control Point, head southwest.
  2. Pass through the metal detectors, following the hallway around to the right.
  3. Open the double doors and enter the next room.
  4. Open the door to the (previously empty) room.
  5. Open the door to the cell in the middle of the room, and you’ll find the jukebox.

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