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Control guide: Luck & Probability roulette puzzle

Get lucky

Control’s Luck & Probability roulette puzzle Remedy Entertainment/505 Games via Polygon

Control is filled with plenty of mind-bending visuals and equally trippy puzzles, and hidden behind a Level 5 security door in the Luck & Probability department of the Research sector is an experiment that aims to manipulate luck.

Once you’ve attained a Level 5 security clearance card, you can enter a test room with several lamps and a roulette table. After finding a manifest in the corner of the room, it’s clear that this experiment’s goal is to use several lucky objects to manipulate the random results of a roulette spin.

The results of the roulette wheel spin appear on a monitor near the table. As the random numbers flash by, it’s clear that the number seven is the target. Here’s how to use the lucky items found around the experiment room and the Luck & Probability office to land a seven.

A whiteboard in Control’s Luck & Probability room
The Luck & Probability whiteboard
Remedy Entertainment/505 Games via Polygon

Reading over the manifest, you’ll gain some clues about how to manipulate the lucky items to increase your luck. In the experiment room is a whiteboard that also offers up some hints. Here’s what you need to do with each lucky item:

  • Bronze Koi Fish: Found near the entrance of the office. Grab it with your Launch power, and bring it into the experiment room. Based on the clue on the whiteboard, it must be within two feet of the roulette wheel. Drop the fish on the red carpet where the roulette table sits.
  • Horseshoe: The horseshoe should already be in an upward orientation when you enter the office, so leave it alone.
  • Maneki-neko: You’ll find this cat statute near the entrance of the office. Interact with it so that its paw moves up and down, granting you some luck.
  • Four-leaf clover: You’ll find the clover along the wall in the office in a white planter. Pick it up and bring it into the experiment room. Near the TV that displays the roulette spin results is another white planter. Place the clover there.
  • Elephant: You can’t move the elephant, so leave it be and appreciate its feng shui.
  • Lightbulbs: Inside the experiment room are four lights. Three of them are next to each other at the entrance of the room and the other is opposite the roulette wheel. Turn on all four yellow lights.

After following those instructions, there is one final thing to do when spinning the wheel. If you pay attention to the white board, you’ll notice that there’s a diagram. On top, it shows an X where a figure is standing on the red carpet where you placed the bronze koi. Below that is another diagram with a checkmark showing a figure standing off of the carpet. To roll the lucky seven, spin the wheel then immediately step off of the carpet.

If everything works out fine, you’ll land a seven on the roulette wheel, which gives you some crafting materials, two Ability Points and the Golden Suit outfit.

If something is amiss, you won’t roll a seven, and the room itself with react with bad luck. In some cases, nearby fire extinguishers will explode, a random phone will start ringing or the sprinklers will turn on in the room.

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