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The sweetest Sonic the Hedgehog clip isn’t from the movies or the games

I’d die for the Pope Turtle in this SNES Elden Ring fan demake

YouTuber designs truly cursed Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates

Guy makes a working Xbox Series X the size of a fridge 

Meet the TikToker who lets a D20 decide what goes into his lunchtime sandwiches

League of Legends’ new champion Bel’Veth comes with an ocean of lore

People are using DALL-E mini to make meme abominations — like pug Pikachu

Peach looks perfectly petty in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Goat Simulator 3 will bring chaos this year, adding multiplayer

You can actually buy this year’s Xbox Pride controller

Elden Ring player defies the gods, beats Mimic Tear without attacking

The Sailor Moon and Vans collaboration looks maximalist and cute as hell

In a grungy ’90s-style font, the image reads: Can you still call it a game if you can NEVER LOSE? A brunette woman with a Photoshop-enlarged head stares at you in question.

Cheating used to be fun

Morbius memes its way back to movie theaters to make morbillions

Pokémon fans are going wild for Smoliv, the darndest little guy

All hail Lechonk, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new round king

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s hot new professors pose the ultimate decision

Star Wars fans’ favorite character, Glup Shitto, is back in the spotlight

Bo Burnham releases over an hour of outtakes from Netflix special Inside

Stardew Valley players are arranging Green Day and more with flute blocks

10 of Hot Ones’ best and spiciest interviews

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Meet the streamer who helps PS5 buyers beat bots and scalpers

Jake Randall has built a platform on sharing his strategies

Spy x Family’s Anya is taking over the manga multiverse

The Sims 4’s new ‘froggy chair’ looks friggin’ cute

I’m better at the Genshin Impact GeoGuessr than the real-world one

Team Fortress 2’s long-running bot problems draw protest — and a Valve response

Posting the entirety of Morbius online is the best new Morbius joke

Judgment’s stair climbing animation will leave you breathless

Elden Ring mod that never makes you say goodbye is almost here

This retro Pokémon fan project is a stunning look back at Kanto

Pokémon TCG now includes peel-off Ditto cards, throwing collectors into disarray

Encountering wild Pokémon would be terrifying in real life

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