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Sofia Coppola’s daughter is accidentally incredible at TikTok

Ubisoft is testing an AI tool that writes NPC dialogue

Twitch streamer blows through Breath of the Wild with ocarina controller

Can AI really make a video game?

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Pokimane is streaming less on Twitch, but I’m seeing more of her than ever

Polygon spoke to Pokimane about her move to TikTok

Butters from South Park is getting the hero edit on TikTok

David Lynch knew how to make moments go viral before ‘going viral’ was a thing

How to unlock literally everything in WWE 2K23

Twitch lays off hundreds amid Amazon cuts

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The Mass Effect modding scene did what BioWare couldn’t

‘If you love Mass Effect and there’s something you want to see in it, you can make it happen’

Maybe stop with the uncomfortable Pedro Pascal thirst edits

Destiny fans mourn the loss of Lance Reddick

Ash’s Japanese voice actor nailed the Pokémon theme in a single take, somehow

Resident Evil 4 intro’s Lego remake will make you shit bricks

Amazon’s Swarm is Chloe Bailey’s latest love story as horror

Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus card sells for a record $540,000

GPT-4 turns Pokémon Emerald into a text adventure

Streamer who incited Twitch deepfake porn scandal returns

Twitch’s CEO is stepping down to spend time with his IRL family

Penn Badgley’s most important acting credit: a Pokémon TCG training video

Meet the GTA Online role-players who built their own fighting circuit

Of course The Sims 4’s baby update has a deeply cursed glitch

AI can fix Game of Thrones’ ending, says OpenAI co-founder

Elden Ring streamer vanquishes Malenia using only her voice

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s creepiest boss has returned to haunt me

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How QTCinderella became the heart of the streaming community

‘I found what I care about; I love bringing people together’

It’s too late to stop deepfake tech — so we all need to adapt

TCGplayer joins the game studios changing the industry by unionizing

This game fixes Myst by adding guns, demons, and a sick metal soundtrack

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Why video game protagonists have become so chatty

You’re not just imagining it

Jimmy Kimmel hit every slap joke he could at the Oscars

Master Chief is here to teach you how to file your taxes

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