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Cuphead boss guide: Djimmi the Great in ‘Pyramid Peril’

Who knew “Djimmi” was an anagram for “Jafar?”

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Djimmi the Great is another airplane fight, similar to Hilda Berg. You can find him in the second world in the giant pyramid. Talk to the little airplane man to get a bomb upgrade and then enter in to fight Djimmi the Great.

Phase 1: Djimmi the Great

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Phase 1 for Djimmi is pretty straightforward. He’ll stand on the right side of the screen and do a variety of different, random attacks. However, every single time he’ll launch his skull at you, so try not to stay in front of his face.

His other attack varieties will come from a treasure chest:

  • Jewelry toss: Djimmi will launch a stream of jewelry toward you from the chest. Move slowly from the upper left of the screen to the lower bottom. Parry any pink jewelry you see.
  • Cat-scarabs: Small cat sarcophagi will fly out of the chest and release a torrent of little cat-scarab missiles at you. Use small plane to fly in-between these and parry any pink cat-scarabs.
  • Swords: About four swords will pop out of the chest and pick a part of the screen to congregate on. One of the swords will then spin and fly toward you. This process will happen a few times until all the swords have run out. Parry the pink swords.

Once you have dealt enough damage to Djimmi, he’ll change the fight around a bit.

Phase 2: Pillars

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Instead of fighting Djimmi here, he’ll place a bunch of pillars in your way. Fly around the screen and shoot the part of the pillar with Djimmi’s face on it to pass through. Do this a few times while avoiding the saw blades and falling swords to end Phase 2.

Phase 3: Sarcophagus

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After making it through the pillars, Djimmi will become a giant sarcophagus. When it opens, a bunch of tiny ghosts will spill out and fly toward you. Dodge them while shooting at the red thing floating around inside of the sarcophagus. However, beware the red thing, as it’ll shoot its eyes at you in a criss-cross fashion. Once you have dealt enough damage to the red thing, the sarcophagus will hop off and Djimmi will return.

Phase 4: Puppet

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Still intent on playing with you, Djimmi will create a big, wooden puppet in the shape of Cuphead. As expected, this marinate will shoot bullets at your from its finger, just like a certain porcelain hero we know. Dodge the shots and parry through the pink ones.

The extra trick here is that Djimmi’s hat will float around as well, occasionally radiating bullets from itself. Stay away from the hat whenever possible and focus down the puppet. Once the puppet goes limp, Djimmi will spin back in from the right.

Phase 5: Big Djimmi

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As soon as you see Big Djimmi, pull as far back as possible. He’ll spin his hands in a circular motion and conjure up three pyramids around him. Don’t touch anything. As soon as his hands move, rush to the center to stay safe.

Big Djimmi only has a few attacks, but they can be rough so try and stay safe:

  • Eye-beam: Djimmi will occasionally shoot circles out of his eyes that will slowly float toward you. Fly out of their way to avoid getting hit.
  • Pyramid-beam: The three pyramids will be floating around you in the center. Occasionally, one of the pyramids will open its eyes and shoot beams from the four cardinal directions. Keep yourself diagonal to the open pyramid and keep shooting Djimmi.

After a few attacks from Big Djimmi, you should have been able to pump enough damage into him to shove him back in his lamp.

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