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Cuphead boss guide: Wally Warbles in ‘Aviary Action’

Generational bird murder

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Wally Warbles is a real jerk living in Inkwell Isle II. Take a left from the entrance of World II and walk past the giant cupcake and up to the tiny birdhouse. Approach it and start yet another airplane battle in “Aviary Action.”

Wally Warbles phase 1: Wally Warbles

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Wally is a bird stuck in a cuckoo clock. His first phase is pretty simple if you can get the positioning down, so let’s take a quick look at some of his abilities:

  • Egg spit: Like all birds, Wally Warbles can fire big, colorful eggs out of his mouth. These fly forward and hit the back of the screen, exploding and causing egg shells to float back toward Wally. The easiest way to dodge this is to keep Cuphead pressed against the left of the screen and move up or down to stay away from the egg.
  • Bird minions: Wally will have little chickens with nails strapped to their heads (?) fly toward you. These fellas are pretty easy to dodge so either slide out of the way or shoot them down. The fourth in the pack will always be pink and parryable, so make sure to hit them when you get the chance.
  • Finger missiles: Wally will occasionally morph his head into a big glove. The glove shoots out missiles straight and in diagonal directions. Simply move in-between the fingers to avoid this attack.

Once you have shot Wally enough, his head will turn into a steam whistle and he’ll morph into the next phase.

Wally Warbles phase 2: Feather attack

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Wally only has one attack here (although the little chicks will make a comeback). He sits on the right side of the screen and shoots a mass of feathers your way. Don’t worry about doing damage to Wally. Instead, focus on Cuphead and slide in-between the feathers whenever you can. After a few seconds of feather throwing, Wally will get tired, opening himself up to attack. Keep pounding on him, and he’ll eventually die.

Wally Warbles phase 3: Wally Jr.

StudioMDHR Entertainment

When Wally dies, his son will take over. Wally Jr. is a psychotic little bird in a UFO nest. He is surrounded at all times by five spiky eggs. These move in and out as the fight progresses. To avoid them, stay on the outside of them when they are close to Wally Jr. and move into the inside when they are far away from him. Weave in and out as necessary.

Wally Jr’s. only other attack is a small ray gun. This shoots a pink bullet and will follow you, so it almost always needs to be parried. Keep your eyes open and watch for him to pull it out of his nest.

Once Wally goes down, his dad will make one final appearance.

Wally Warbles phase 4: Death’s door Wally

StudioMDHR Entertainment

To deal with Wally for the last time, switch to your new bomb attack and stay in the upper left of the screen. Rain down hell onto Wally’s stretcher and keep an eye out for all the fun attacks the paramedic birds throw at you. Those include:

  • Pill toss: The paramedic birds will spit pills into the air. They split and fly in varying directions. Watch out for these or parry them if they are pink. To minimize your likelihood of getting hit, try to stay away from the paramedic birds’ mouths.
  • Garbage face: Wally’s head will occasionally transform into a garbage can and fire garbage at you. Dodge everything that comes out and parry the pink items. This can make the fight very chaotic so just hope he doesn’t use it too often.
  • Heart attack: Wally’s heart will jump out of his throat occasionally to shoot bullets at you. Yeah. When this happens, shoot at the heart and use small plane to slip between its shots.

Once you have bombed Willy enough times, he’ll die his final death.

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