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Cuphead boss guide: Beppi the Clown in ‘Carnival Kerfuffle’

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Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Beppi the Clown is another boss in Inkwell Isle II. Visit the roller coaster to the right side of the island to find him. Beppi’s difficulty is somewhere in the middle of Cuphead fights (which is appropriate considering that this is about the halfway point of the game). He isn’t so hard that dealing with him takes forever, but he is hard enough to warrant a few tries. Dive in and face your fear of clowns in “Carnival Kerfuffle.”

Phase 1: Bumper Beppi

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Beppi starts out the fight in a bumper car that he uses to try and run you over. There are two attacks in this phase that he’ll use:

  • Ducks: Ducks float in the air during this phase. Jumping into them hurts (unless it is pink and you parry it), so be careful when moving. As always, the Smoke Bomb charm will help here a lot. Some of the ducks will also drop lightbulbs onto the ground, setting the track on fire.
  • Bumper car: Beppi will shift the car left and right. When he reels back, he is about to charge. Dash through him or jump over him to avoid damage.

After only a few shots, Beppi will go down.

Phase 2: Balloon Beppi

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As quickly as he went down, Beppi will return to the track. Like any good clown, Beppi has plenty of balloons to throw your way, plus a rollercoaster full of people. Out of the pipes surrounding balloon Beppi, he’ll send inflatable dog heads that try and eat you. Avoid the brown ones and pop the pink ones with your parry.

The real kicker occurs when a rollercoaster car comes cascading through the arena. Jump over the initial cart (parrying its nose if you would like) and land on the platform. This coaster is always moving, so keep running right and jumping over the creepy clown people sitting in its seats.

Once you’ve shot Beppi’s head enough you’ll burst his bubble, and the next phase will start.

Phase 3: Horse Beppi

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Beppi will drop in on a mechanical horse. If the horse is green, he’ll spit out two horseshoes that fly up and down as they go. If the horse is yellow, he’ll spit out a long string of horseshoes very quickly. Once they exit the screen, the yellow ones will return to the middle and drop onto the ground. Stay to the left and right sides of the screen as much as possible here.

As with everything in Cuphead, this is easier said than done. The rollercoaster from last time is back, meaning you’ll constantly be on the move. Focus on your footwork and move slow. Once you’ve shot Beppi off his horse, he’ll finally transition into the next phase.

Phase 4: Umbrella Beppi

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In this phase, Beppi is actually fairly easy. Beppi will come back in as a giant carousel shaped like an umbrella. From his head, he’ll lower platforms that move across the screen from left to right. Jump across these platforms and keep shooting Beppi’s face.

As usual, the coaster will roll by. Avoid it just like you normally would. When Beppi opens his mouth, he’ll spit out a few green penguins. These little guys will throw baseballs at you from the ground. Jump off of your platform and kill them quickly. Once they are gone, hop back up and keep fighting Beppi.

Keep shooting at Beppi, and you’ll eventually win.

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