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Cuphead guide: Goopy Le Grande in ‘Ruse of an Ooze’

Where did he get that boxing glove?

Goopy Le Grande is just to the north of Porkrind’s Emporium. You’ll see a discolored looking tree sitting around a fork in the road. Walk up to it to begin the “Ruse of an Ooze” fight.

Phase 1: Small Goopy

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When the fight first starts out you’ll be dealing with a small version of the boss, Goopy Le Grande. This fight is simple enough to understand: You have to memorize his pattern. Learning how to dash properly is crucial for this fight, and the Smoke Bomb perk will make this much easier.

Goopy will start hopping toward you with big bounds. Run to the corner of the arena and wait for him to get close. When he jumps toward you again, use your dash to go under him. Keep your distance at all times and keep shooting. He only has one attack here, which is to inflate his head and lunge forward. You can tell he is getting ready to strike when he arches his head back.

Once Small Goopy has been hit enough, he’ll take a pill and three pink question marks will pop up around his head. Use your parry move to get some easy cards. After a second or two of pondering, Small Goopy will become Big Goopy.

Phase 2: Big Goopy

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Much like Small Goopy, Big Goopy will jump around the arena. Use your dash to go under him quickly. The big difference here is well … that Big Goopy is big, meaning that he is much harder to dodge. You have to be fast if you don’t want to get squashed.

In Phase 2, Goopy’s headbutt becomes a punch instead. While it has a longer range, it is pretty easy to dodge. When he winds up his arm (after manifesting a boxing glove out of thin air), simply duck to avoid the incoming strike. After plenty of shots, Big Goopy will literally die, being crushed by a giant, Goopy tombstone.

Phase 3: Tombstone Goopy

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Tombstone Goopy is probably the easiest phase of this fight, but you’ll need to be pretty fast to make it work. The boss will slide form side to side, but it doesn’t damage you upon contact. Tombstone Goopy’s only attack is slamming the big slab of rock into the ground, crushing you if you are under it. Avoid this like everything else this fight: dash.

To damage Tombstone Goopy, you’ll need to shoot the blue face on the tombstone. While you can usually get a few good angled shots in, you’ll need to put yourself in harms way to make your shots really count. The key here is not to get greedy. Get the shots that you can in while under Goopy and then move the moment the tombstone starts to lean back.

Once the tombstone cracks in half, you’ll finally be rid of this foul ooze.

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