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Cuphead boss guide: Werner Werman in ‘Murine Corps’

More like Destiny 2 than you would think.

Werner Werman is a small rat in a big can. You can find him by going into the house next to where Rumor Honeybottoms has her fight. Werner’s fight is fairly simple and pretty fun. Give it a few tries and this dirty rat will fall.

Phase 1: Can tank

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Werner has two main attacks, which stem from his makeshift tank:

  • Cherry bomb: A big bomb will occasionally pop out of Werner’s tank. This bomb will shoot more bombs. When those bombs hit the ground they will explode, launching fire in both directions. Jump over the fire to avoid taking damage.
  • Catapult: One of Werner’s abilities is to launch garbage out of a catapult. This will shoot several projectiles in your direction. A couple of these will be pink and parryable. Either parry or dash your way through this obstacle.

After you’ve felt enough damage to Werner’s tank, it’ll move to the center of the screen and go stationary.

Phase 2: Flamethrower

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Werner will now stay in the center for the remainder of the fight. Soda caps will also move in from the sides. Now that his can has exploded, Werner will be exposed and so will his flame turrets. He will now move up or stay down. When the flames start to pour out of his tank, it means he is about to fire. Jump up if he is down and stay down if he goes up.

Simple right? Well, mostly. The bottle caps will now slide in from either side, acting as saws to slice you. Jump over or crouch under them to avoid getting cut. When Werner has taken a beating, his tank will stop working, and the cat will eat him.

Phase 3: Cat

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Now things get serious. You will need to take down this gigantic cat. The good news is that it only has two attacks.

  • Ghost mice: The cat will occasionally open its mouth to release ghosts. These will shoot little pink balls that deal damage. Don’t let them hit the ground if you don’t want more projectiles to dodge. Parry them. Shoot the mice to make them go away.
  • Paw smash: When the cat reaches its arm out to the left or right side of the screen, move in the opposite direction. A second later, its giant paw will come crashing into view. This attack is very easy to dodge but the reverberations from the smash will cause ceiling tiles to rain down from above. They originate from where the paw entered and move to the other side, so just be careful and dodge them.

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