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Cuphead boss guide: Phantom Express in ‘Railroad Wrath’

Like ‘The Polar Express’ without hot cocoa or digital Tom Hanks

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Phantom Express is the final fight before the finale of Cuphead. It is appropriately hard without being overly difficult, so prepare to do some learning. To find Phantom Express, go past the theatre and enter the train on your left.

Before this fight begins, it is important to note that the entire encounter places Cuphead on a strange platform. On either side of the platform are pink valves that move the platform to the left, center or right position. Moving is important, but it can also be very bad when you don’t want it to happen. You can control this on your own if you parry the valves. Or you can let the flying pumpkins drop pink bricks on them for you. However, these pumpkins are always dropping bricks, so shoot them down if you don’t want to move.

Phase 1: Eye guy

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The eye ghost is the first you’ll face. He is a weird cyclops that that will shoot eyes out of his hands out you. You can shoot and kill these eyes. This guy will go down pretty quickly, and your platform will slide forward on the track.

Phase 2: Skull conductor

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The skull conductor is easy if you don’t move. Slide your platform to the far right and stand on the left corner.

The conductor has but one attack: He’ll stick his head out of one section and slam his hands on the others. If you are under his head, no problem. If you are under a hand, your far left location should be safe. Keep shooting the head and the conductor will go down in no time.

Phase 3: Lollipop demons

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These creepy things that look like lollipops will shove their way out of the left and right side of the train while a ghost organ pops up in the middle. Keep your platform on the far right and move Cuphead against the right wall. Shoot and kill the lollipop demon above you. Once he is gone, jump and shoot the other head.

If you are standing in the far right area, you should be able to avoid getting hit by the left lollipop. However, ghosts will come out and harass you, so take a second to shoot them down, careful to time it so that the pink skull that they drop doesn’t land on one of your valves.

When the lollipops die, slide your platform all the way to the left.

Phase 4: Death engine

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The final phase is very fast. Either you’ll die quickly or you’ll kill the boss. Once the death engine runs past you, jump up and parry its tail. This will expose the engine’s heart. Jump up and shoot the heart, careful to avoid the fire spewing out and the homing bone rings he sends after you.

Repeat this process until even the train is dead.

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