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Cuphead final boss guide: The Devil in ‘One Hell of a Time’

Once you have felled King Dice and his minions, Cuphead’s final boss awaits you in the tower next door. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the Devil in “One Hell of a Time.”

Phase 1: The Devil

As you might expect, the Devil is pretty hard, and that starts immediately with his first phase. Being the devil, he has a couple of crafty ways he wants to deal with you. Before we get into all of his various moves (there are a lot), it’s important to note that he has little demon buddies who run at you throughout this entire phase. You can tell where they will come and when by watching the sides of the throne.

Anyway, now onto the attacks:

  • Goat form: The Devil will transform himself into a goat and attempt to smash you with his arms. The timing on this move is very tight so you’ll need to practice. A beat after his arms leave the screen you need to jump and dash mid-air. This should keep you aerial for just long enough not to touch his hooves.
  • Spider form: Spider form is probably the devil’s easiest form to dodge. He’ll transform his head into a giant spider and drop it on the ground. It’ll then hop up and down. All you really need to do here is dodge quick and run fast.
  • Dragon form: This is the trickiest of his abilities to dodge. The Devil will cross his legs and stick his neck into the sky. His is neck will now slither onto screen and slide up and down. If you position yourself just to the left of the throne (only if he comes from right, do the opposite if he comes from left) he’ll move right over you and deal no damage. Learn how to dodge this early or you’ll never make it through this fight.
  • Conjure: The Devil will occasionally spin his pitchfork, creating one of three effects: flames that home in on your location one by one, balls that bounce all over or flames that move in a circle from side to side. First step here is to avoid getting hit by his pitchfork (look for his pupils to disappear). Next is to try and parry the pink item (there is one for ever attack). Other than that, just jump and dodge your way through.

Avoiding death by the devil is by far the most important thing to do, so be very careful and shoot him whenever you can. Don’t push it. Once he has been beaten down enough, his skeleton will shed his skin and jump down a giant pit. Follow the sign that says “GO.”

Phase 2: Devil eyes

You’ll have five platforms to stand on, right in front of the Devil’s giant face. From here on out, a giant flaming poker chip will fall from the sky and land on a random platform. Don’t get hit. Other than the chip, the Devil only has two attacks here.

  • For the first, he’ll conjure an axe when his eyes converge. This will spiral out and deal damage if it hits you. Jump to the right or left of where you were to avoid it.
  • The other attack is a big pink bomb. It’ll appear in one of his eyes and then fly out of his ear. Either parry it or run to the other side of the arena before it explodes.

Keep shooting the Devil in his eyes and he’ll phase.

Phase 3: Devil eyes, part 2

Devil eyes’ second part can get extremely hectic. Luckily there are a few ways to help manage that. The first thing to know is that the far right and far left platforms just go away, so stay on the middle three.

  • The Devil will bring in big purple weirdos from off screen. Shoot these and kill them so they can’t shoot skulls at you.
  • When the Devil spawns bugs from his forehead, kill those as well so that they don’t dive bomb you.
  • Clear his enemies whenever possible and focus on not getting squashed by flaming poker chips.
  • You want to be moving as much as possible in this phase and it’ll take a few tries to get into the Devil’s weird rhythm.

Shoot the Devil’s eyes whenever you can and he’ll eventually move into the next phase.

Phase 4: Crocodile tears

When the Devil is almost dead, he’ll remove all platforms but one and begin crying blood. This is good and bad for you. Good news is that you can parry the tears fall from his eyes. The bad news is that the flaming chips fall very frequently in this phase, forcing you off the platform.

To dodge this ability successfully you have two real options:

  • The first is to do it the correct way, by parrying his tears and jumping back on his platform.
  • The second is the easier, cheaper way. Wait for the perfect moment when the chip is about to fall and jump off the platform, turn in mid-air and dash back onto the plate. You’ll avoid damage and land safely on your feet.

To damage the Devil as quickly as possible here, stand on the very edge of your platform and shoot in a diagonal line at the opposite eye. Once you have hit him enough, you’ll have taken down the Devil himself.

Congratulations, you just beat Cuphead. Go take a nap.

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