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Cuphead boss guide: Cagney Carnation in ‘Floral Fury’

The angriest flower since Undertale

Cagney Carnation is the final fight in the first world of Cuphead. To find him, take the steps down from the Hilda Berg fight and walk past the weird, Pop-Tart lookin’ kid. You‘ll find yourself in a patch of discolored flowers. Interact with the patch, and you’ll start the ‘Floral Fury’ battle.

Phase 1: Upstanding flower

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Cagney has a few different attacks, but he isn’t nearly as difficult as Hilda Berg or Ribby and Croaks. Once you learn his patterns, Cagney will wilt before your eyes. While Cagney may not be too tough, he does have quite a few attacks, so let’s go over them.

  • Face lunge: Cagney will suck his face into his petals and then shoot his head forward. If he is standing tall, this attack will hit the entirety of the top screen. If he is crouched, this attack will cover the bottom. Watch where he’s about to strike and either stand on the three platforms or the ground.
  • Seeder crank: Cagney’s face will turn into a machine gun and he’ll begin firing seeds into the air. These will then float down and land in the dirt. (Note that some dirt will be pink, so you can parry it.) Out of these seeds will grow angry plants with teeth. Shoot them to make them go away, and don’t let them bite you. The easiest way to do this is to watch where the first seed lands and take them out in order.
  • Seed missiles and seed boomerang: Cagney will clamp his leaves together and spawn some seed missiles that he’ll fire your way. Simply dodge them as they fly by with jumps and dashes. Cagney can also make one big, boomerang seed. He’ll send this flying either top or bottom and it will return on the opposite side. Just watch for both of these attacks, and you can dodge them easily.

Phase 2: Roots

StudioMDHR Entertainment

Eventually you’ll make Cagney mad, resulting in him planting himself into the dirt to try and finish you off. A patch of bramble will grow across the bottom of the screen, meaning that you can only stand on the platforms from now on.

Cagney has one main attack here, as well as a supporting attack:

  • Platform stab: Cagney will grow bramble around the bottom sides of two of the three platforms, signaling that he is about to stab up on top of them. Jump to the safe platform and wait for the others to clear up. This is Cagney’s main attack here, so just repeat this process.
  • Pollen shot: Cagney will spit pollen at you to try and take you out. Dodge them or parry them if they are pink.

Once you’ve dodged all of his flowery nonsense, the flower will perish. Look at that, you just beat all the bosses in the first world of Cuphead!

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