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Cyberpunk 2077 guide: ‘Fool on the Hill’ tarot card maps and locations

Where to find all 20 tarot card graffiti locations on your map

Misty from Cyberpunk 2077 Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

In the second chapter of Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny Silverhand might alert you to some graffiti he notices outside the parking lot of Lizzie’s bar. You may also stumble across scattered graffiti across Night City. However you come across these artworks, there are 20 tarot card graffiti pieces to be found across Night City. Finding all of them completes the “Fool on the Hill” Side Job.

Part of this quest requires you to speak to both Misty and Vik. Speaking to Misty reveals some truths about the graffiti and how they relate to your story. As you discover more of these graffiti locations, you may notice how each tarot card is relevant to a different person, place, or situation that is integral to your story.

In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we’ll give you detailed maps and locations for all 20 pieces of tarot card graffiti in Night City.

All tarot card locations

A map screenshot in Cyberpunk 2077 showing the location of all the tarot cards
The location of all the tarot cards for the “Fool on the Hill” Side Job
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

The map above details the location of all 20 tarot card locations in Cyberpunk 2077. Below we’ll give you detailed maps and instructions to find each of the tarot cards throughout Night City.

01 - The Hanged Man

You can find The Hanged Man on the side of a large container in the oil fields north of Watson.

02 - The Emperor

The Emperor is on a display on the left side of the Konpeki Plaza gate near the underside of a bridge.

03 - The World

To find this graffiti, first take the elevator in the alleyway between Misty and Viktor’s shops up to the roof. Exit the elevator and take the stairs up. As you exit onto the roof, the graffiti will be on a wall to your left.

04 - The Fool

The Fool can be found to the right of your apartment door.

05 - The Magician

The Magician is on the highway support beam across the street from the parking lot of Lizzie’s bar.

06 - The Chariot

The Chariot is on a wall to the right of the alleyway, next to Tom’s Diner.

07 - The Empress

You can find The Empress at the bottom of the stairwell before entering The Afterlife nightclub.

08 - The Sun

The Sun is located between a flight of stairs and an entrance to a tunnel.

09 - The Hierophant

Below the Japantown West fast travel point is a passage filled with garbage. You can jump down to the tunnel from the fast travel point or create a waypoint to find the safer route to the graffiti. The Hierophant art is on the wall near the entrance to a tunnel behind some bars.

10 - The Lovers

The Lovers can be found at the Silver Pixel Cloud theatre. To gain access to the drive-in where the graffiti is located, you have to enter the building from the right. Near the door is a computer where you’ll find an access code: 0000. Use that code on the door in the back of the office.

Once you’re inside the drive-in, head to the back where you’ll find the tarot card graffiti on the back of the projector screen.

11 - The Moon

You can find The Moon to the left of the gate at the Arasaka residence.

12 - Temperance

You can find Temperance on one of the columns near the entrance to the Columbarium.

13 - The Tower

The Tower is located inside a lobby at Arasaka Tower.

14 - Death

The Death graffiti can be found on an empty billboard on the side of the Embers restaurant.

15 - The High Priestess

You can find The High Priestess on a wall on the fourth floor of an abandoned apartment building. This is the same building you are in during the mission “Search and Destroy.” If you choose to grab this tarot card during the mission, do it when you first enter the building. The tarot card will be more difficult to discover in the second half of the mission.

If you travel to this building after “Search and Destroy,” the building may have some armored Arasaka soldiers in it.

16 - Justice

The graffiti for Justice is on a large container next to a building, behind a gate, under the highway. You don’t have to enter the facility to scan the graffiti. As long as you can see it, which you can from the street, you can scan it.

17 - Strength

You can find the graffiti for Strength on the backside of the security building at the entrance to a shipping yard.

18 - Wheel of Fortune

The graffiti for the Wheel of Fortune can be found in a small area underneath the sign for the Sunset Motel, between rooms 103 and 104.

19 - The Hermit

The Hermit graffiti can be found next to some scaffolding at the El Dorado Pawn Shop.

20 - The Star

The Star graffiti can be found on the side of a small building near the large antenna in the solar farm.

Finishing ‘Fool on the Hill’

After finding all 20 of Cyberpunk 2077’s tarot card graffiti, go back to Misty to tell her what you found. She’ll tell you that you’re missing two cards: Judgement and The Devil. You can speak to her to learn more about them.

She’ll mention that the cards that are missing are relevant to two other cards that may relate to one of the four endings you can get in the game.

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