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Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel walkthrough 4. Corvian Settlement bonfire

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Corvian Settlement, Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel's third bonfire, places you in the center of a decrepit town, filled with enemies, loot and a fight with a non-playable character.

Our Corvian Settlement bonfire walkthrough is split into two parts: Exploring the town and fighting the NPC.

Table of contents

Exploring the settlement

Head straight outside from the Corvian Settlement bonfire and cross the bridge. Start to follow the Corvian pilgrims up the hill. As you pass the pillar in the middle of the path, another Corvian Knight will jump out and start attacking the Corvians.

This one is armed with a gigantic rapier in addition to its claws. Be careful attempting to lock onto it right away. You're likely to lock onto one of the pilgrims instead, and you'll end up with your back to the Corvian Knight, and that's bad news.

On the other hand, you've got a couple things going for you this time. You can keep the pillar between you to shield you while you catch your breath, or you can sprint back across the bridge. If you get far enough ahead, crossing the bridge will usually cause the Corvian Knight to disengage and go back to patrolling, letting you recover before continuing your attack.

On the ground

Before you go farther into the Corvian Settlement, there are some items to collect that will require a few loops through where you've already been.


Immediately after the bridge, turn left and make your way around the back of the building there. You'll have to deal with a couple aggressive Corvians on your way to the door on the back. Inside, you'll find an Ember.

Simple Gem

Head back out and to the right. About halfway across the bridge, you'll be standing right over a Sewer Centipede. Do a plunging attack and finish it off. Head to the back of the area and pillage a corpse for a Simple Gem.

Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler

Turn around and use the lever to the right to open the gate. Head left to loop back around to the bridge near the bonfire. Keep retracing your steps to the bridge you just jumped off. Cross it this time and follow the path around to the left. You'll have to deal with a couple Corvians on your way up.

Near the top, you'll see an open door on your left. There's a gap you'll have to jump across to get there, though. Aim for the narrowest spot — pretty much even with the door you can see — and then run and jump your way over. It's a pretty narrow gap, so you've got a little leeway with your accuracy here.

Once you land, pick up the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. For reference, this is above the Corvian Settlement bonfire.

Crow Quills

Instead of dropping down, continue to the right. Head into the covered-bridge-looking structure. Handle the poison-breathing Corvian that's hiding in there. There's a bunch of barrels and boxes blocking your goal. Smash them and step out to the edge.

There's an item on a stone pillar in the middle of the miserable Corvian bicycle zombies you passed through earlier. Take another running leap to land on top and pick up the Crow Quills — the weapon used by the rapier-wielding Corvian Knights. After picking it up, retrace your steps to the bonfire bridge one more time.

The alley

The path to the top of the hill where you had your fight with the Corvian Knight is blocked by a closed gate. You're going to have to work your way around to it from the other side. The path we take to get there is full of items.

Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler

About halfway up the hill on your right, there's an alley between the buildings. Enter it.

As you walk along that narrow path, watch for the aggressive Corvians — they'll try to shove you off the path into the abyss below you. Stick to the cliff's edge as you continue along. You'll come to a raised platform where you'll have to deal with a Corvian Storyteller. To the left of the platform, there's a corpse to loot with a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler (1,000 souls).

The rooftops

Head back to the platform and climb the ladder to the roof. Walk around the tower to your left and continue until you can drop onto the bridge below you.

Turn around when you land and take the ladder down. Open the door you find there to create a shortcut to the bonfire and a way to avoid the Corvian Knight on any subsequent trips through the area.

Head back up the ladder and onto the bridge. Go inside the building — it's the first building you entered in the Corvian Settlement — and make your way along the catwalk. Outside, you'll find a ramp that will lead you up to the building's roof.

Crow Talons

Near the tower are two Corvians casting Homing Soulmass. They are guarding the other Corvian Knight weapon, Crow Talons.

Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler

Drop off the roof and onto the patio/balcony to your right. There you'll find a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. You can drop to the ground from here and work your way back to the first ladder (it's the one on the left in the above image).

Work your way back around the platform and climb ladder again.

The second ladder

In front of you are two more Corvians casting Homing Soulmass. Kill them, then head through the door to the room with the ladder.

Slave Knight armor set

Drop through the floor to your left to enter a room with three aggressive Corvians. They’re weak enemies, but they have a poison cloud effect that’s hard to avoid in the small room. (Purple blossom items are your friend here if you don’t want to wait out the poison effect.)

After they’re dead, head to the corpse against the wall to pick up the Slave Knight armor set.

Open the door to get back to the courtyard. Use the other door you opened earlier to work your way back around to the second ladder and climb it.

This second ladder will deposit you on a bridge. To your right, you'll see another bridge with a Crystal Lizard, another Corvian Knight and a Large Titanite Shard. Bait the Corvian Knight away from its perch to keep the lizard from running away. This lizard runs into the tower at the end of the bridge, but be careful when chasing it because there's no floor in there.

After cleaning up, head up the hill to the right and onto the rooftop. Pick up Large Soul of a Weary Warrior before you get started.

There are four windows here that look down into the building. If you're patient, you can snipe at the two Corvian Knights inside with ranged weapons or magic, changing windows as they run around. If you want to get a little closer, you can drop onto the rafters from the window diagonally opposite where you arrive. Make sure to pick up the Soul of a Crestfallen Knight before you drop down.

You can use the rafters to get a plunging attack on one of the Corvian Knights if you want to take the fight to them. Once they're taken care of, pick up the Sharp Gem, Large Titanite Shards and the Way of White Corona miracle.

Unlocking the gate

Head out the door and to the right to open up the gate and create a shortcut to the Corvian Settlement bonfire.

Before you head back to the bonfire or into the building, walk around to the right side. There's a tree woman guarding a corpse holding a Young White Branch. A little further back, there's a Rusted Coin.

Head back to the bonfire to recharge.

Sir Vilhelm

Inside the building at the top of the hill is Sir Vilhelm. He has a lot to say while he tries to kill you.

Your fight against Sir Vilhelm can be tough — especially if you use magic. He uses the Dark Hand and a nasty sword in combination with spells like Vow of Silence and Dark Blade. If that doesn't sound bad enough, he's also quick. He'll roll out of the way of haphazard attacks and will sidestep any spells he sees coming.

If you want to take him on with magic, wait for your openings — when he's either out of stamina or just finishing a dodge. When he casts Vow of Silence, you'll be unable to cast any spells, so you'll have to run away and wait him out — the spell lasts about 30 seconds.

If you're going to take him on hand-to-hand, check your closet for any armor or shields that have high Dark protection. Again, you're going to have to wait for your window to attack because he'll dodge a lot of what you throw at him.

When defeated, Sir Vilhelm will drop the Onyx Blade and Contraption Key.

Head to the back of the room to find a switch. You'll use the Contraption Key, and a set of stairs will drop from the second floor.

Head upstairs to talk to Ariandel.

There's an elevator next to Ariandel that you can't use yet, so head out onto the balcony. To your right, there's a ramp you can use to drop down to the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire. Head back toward the building to unlock the door.

Returning for a Titanite slab

Inside the building you passed through on your way to the bonfire, there's an NPC. You can talk to him, but beyond listening there's nothing to do — until, that is, you you've defeated Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel's boss.

After your victory, warp to the Corvian Settlement bonfire. Walk out of the building, turn right and enter the building wehre the NPC was. He's no longer in the corner. Instead, walk out the other door, and you'll see him standing to your right. Speak to him, and he'll thank you with a Titanite slab. (That's the second Titanite slab in Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, by the way.)


Your journey doesn't end here. Be sure to check out the rest of Polygon's Dark Souls 3 guide, which offers everything from tips for beginners and returning masochists to detailed walkthroughs of every area — including all of the secret, bonus content.

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