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Dark Souls Remastered: Sen’s Fortress map

QLOC/FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon

Once you’ve braved Blighttown, defeated the Chaos Witch Quelaag, and rung the second Bell of Awakening, the door to Sen’s Fortress will unlock. This area ultimately serves as a way to get to the next area of Lordran, but you have to navigate a gauntlet of puzzles, traps, and tough enemies first.

Its four floors — a basement, two inside levels, and the rooftops — are filled with tough man-serpent enemies, swinging axes, and rolling boulders, but once you learn to navigate it, there are plenty of useful items to find here.

  • You’ll be able to chat with NPCs Siegmeyer of Catarina and Big Hat Logan (who you can also free once you get the Cage Key).
  • There are four rings to pick up (we’re big fans of the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring), lots of souls, a few new weapons, and plenty of titanite to be found.
  • The basement level — which you’ll probably find when you get knocked into it by a swinging axe — has four (four!) Titanite Demons. These aren’t exactly fun to fight, but their drops make them worth your time. Just make sure you’ve got the Rusted Iron Ring equipped.
  • This area’s only bonfire is kind of hard to get to. You won’t be able to find it until you reach the roof and can drop down to it.
  • From the roof, you can also find this area’s merchant, the Crestfallen Merchant, who sells a great selection of crafting resources.

Once you’ve picked up all the goodies from inside, you’ll have to take on the Iron Golem. Once it’s defeated, you’ll be able to travel to Anor Londo.

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