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Dark Souls Remastered: Painted World of Ariamis map

QLOC/FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon

The Painted World of Ariamis is an optional area in Dark Souls Remastered. It takes a little work to even get there. First, you’ll have to return to the Northern Undead Asylum and retrieve the Peculiar Doll from your prison cell. Then you’ll have to fight your way through the Painting Guardians in Anor Londo.

The Painted World is a relatively small location, but it’s dense in terms of level design, enemies, and useful items.

You’ll find plenty of souls-granting items scattered throughout the area, two pyromancies, one miracle, an always-valuable Ring of Sacrifice, and a few Humanities. There are also two light armor sets and a really powerful rapier (our favorite in the game). Once you retrieve the Annex Key from the catacombs under the area, you’ll be able to find the Dark Ember which you can give to Andre of Astora in Undead Parish.

The ring of Phalanx in the middle of the area are a great way to farm souls. While strong, they’re slow and vulnerable to fire and poison, once you open the nearby door right next to the bonfire. Taking them out will earn you roughly 8,000 souls (or more).

The optional boss for this area is Crossbreed Priscilla. Cutting off her tail will drop Pricilla’s Dagger — a powerful dagger with the bleed effect.

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