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Batman Beyond kicks off a new era by murdering Bruce Wayne

Nightwing #87 plays out as one continuous, spectacular image

Scarecrow brought Gotham to its knees without a drop of fear gas

Aquaman gets a wacky makeover in James Wan and ThunderCats team’s new cartoon

Batman has gone full Webtoon in maybe the best way

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Watch out for these 11 upcoming graphic novels

The Batman, Gotham Knights, Aquaman 2 headline DC FanDome 2021’s stream schedule

Superman got a new secret identity and blew it immediately

Superman ‘78 #1 trusts the power of Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel

Wonder Woman is getting her own Fortnite skin

Titans season 3 has too much Batman for a show with no Batman

Suicide Squad and hard-R movie food pairings

One of the Robins just came out of the closet

DC’s Batman ’89 comic shows a face of Harvey Dent we’ve never seen before

King Shark’s new miniseries makes him the Jesus of sharks

To Suicide Squad star David Dastmalchian, we are all Polka-Dot Man

The key thing to know about The Suicide Squad’s King Shark

The spoilery history behind Suicide Squad’s tentacled villain

The Suicide Squad turns James Gunn’s worst year into a good time

In which I predict who will survive The Suicide Squad

Black Adam won’t be R, but may still be unlike any DC comic book movie yet

Ra’s al Ghul has become the DC universe’s hottest grandpa

Fortnite is getting a Suicide Squad-themed update that will include Bloodsport

It’s hard to punch the climate crisis, but Superman’s son is gonna try

Quite simply, the new Supergirl will eff you UP

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The future of Wonder Woman lies with Queen Nubia of the Amazons

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John Constantine is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, but his actor will return

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DC Comics is taking Superman to War(world)

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The Scarecrow is a harbinger of Batman’s dystopian future in Fear State

In the Heights’ Leslie Grace to star in Batgirl movie

Congrats to Commissioner Gordon for never killing the Joker

The best Evil Superman is back in comics