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Peacemaker’s Vigilante isn’t anything like the comics by design

Why Peacemaker sticks to a ‘mirrorball helmet,’ according to James Gunn

Who’s behind Peacemaker’s Butterflies?

James Gunn wants to ‘vanquish the skip’ intro button with Peacemaker’s musical opening credits

Uh oh, Superman & Lois is going there

Ava DuVernay’s CW series Naomi rewrites the DC comic for a world without Superman

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Read five villain-packed pages of Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s Batman/Superman teamup comic

Batman is so broke right now that Lex Luthor is offering him a handout

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Superman & Lois made the Man of Steel’s messiest story beautiful

How season 1 of the show secretly reinvented a ’90s comics plot for today

Michael Keaton explains why he walked away from Batman

Peacemaker threads the needle with its edgelord humor

The Peacemaker trailer revs up DC’s very un-Marvel-like year of movies and shows

Catwoman and the Riddler are the stars of The Batman’s newest trailer

9 super merry superhero TV Christmas specials you can stream right now

DC’s Batman/Superman comic returns in 2022 from legend Mark Waid

Wonder Woman has a girlfriend, but needs one in canon

Wonder Woman game by Middle-earth: Shadow of War studio announced at TGAs

The best DC comic of 2021 was Rorschach

Batman’s new era is off to a disjointed start

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The best comics of 2021

Colin Farrell to return as The Penguin in HBO Max spinoff series

The Penguin and Catwoman solve COVID, bang in Danny Devito’s Batman comic

John Cena’s Peacemaker trailer gives the Suicide Squad member another mission

Every page in Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons is a flex

Jared Leto says releasing Suicide Squad’s #AyerCut is ‘what streaming’s for,’ but do the numbers add up?

See The CW Batwoman’s take on Poison Ivy in all her glory

Kissing a boy gives DC’s new Superman his own place in the DC Universe

Young Justice creators explain why fan favorites haven’t shown up yet

Robins #1 is a big, fun, messy family reunion

Exclusive: New DC comic will hand the full power of Shazam to the former Mary Marvel

Robin & Batman #1 pushes the Boy Wonder’s origin story to a darker place

Batman finally met his parallel universe variant who’s married to Superman