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DC’s Wonder Twins movie deactivated

Superman’s dad has stepped up to fill one of Gotham City’s most important roles

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15 comic books we’ll kick back with this summer

DC’s League of Super-Pets movie has a villain who looks like the Braniac of guinea pigs

New DC comic has Riddler committing his most heinous crime yet: starting a podcast

The Batman 2, with Robert Pattinson, confirmed by Warner Bros.

Please come look at Batman’s origin story in the comic where the Justice League are dinosaurs

Lois Lane is more dangerous now than she’s ever been

The Batman will be streamable on HBO Max starting next week

The new Wonder Woman issue has to be seen to be believed

Ra’s al Ghul’s death ropes Batman into his umpteenth ninja war

The Flash’s weirdo villains teamed up to pull off one last heist

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Thanos vs. Darkseid is the story of a clone who surpassed his original

The Batman deleted scene reveals the Joker

Harley Quinn’s Kite-Man gets his own HBO Max spinoff, it’s like ‘Cheers for supervillains’

Our five-page look at The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country returns the series to its horror roots

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The first live-action Batman adaptation was pure political propaganda

The comic book serial spun a racist message meant to help justify the atrocities of WWII

The queen of DC’s Amazons is dead — long live the queen of DC’s Amazons

How to do a smokey eye the The Batman way

The best Batman comics based on what you personally want from Batman comics

The Riddler, Killmonger, and the trap of villains who are right

DC completely shakes up its 2022 movie calendar

Don’t you dare make another Batman movie without Robin

The Batman movies’ most important villain isn’t Joker, it’s Catwoman

Ava DuVernay’s DC series DMZ takes us to an abandoned New York City in first trailer

The Batman TV show plans have shifted to Arkham, says Matt Reeves

The Batman breaks free of the Dark Knight trilogy’s legacy by literally breaking Batman

Batman’s money can’t save Gotham, please stop asking

Wait, is the Joker in The Batman?

The Batman’s post-credits ... thing ... teases a mystery, probably?

This year’s best comic book villain is friend, betrayer, and alien flesh-tornado

The best order to watch all the Batman movies, based on your needs

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