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The Sandman digital comics (and its spinoffs) are on sale at Comixology

Enter the Dreaming

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Black Friday may be over but one of the best deals of the year for comics fans is just getting started. Neil Gaiman’s mega-hit The Sandman series is on sale at Comixology this week, along with over 200 spin-offs and miniseries set in the extended Sandman Universe.

There are 234 books discounted in Comixology’s sale, which is a testament to how sprawling the Sandman Universe truly is. Gaiman was a relatively unknown writer when he was tapped to write a new series based on an obscure DC superhero named The Sandman. His dark fantasy take on the character spanned 10 volumes, won multiple Eisner Awards, and solidified Gaiman’s signature dark-yet-whimsical voice.

Following the success of The Sandman, DC’s Vertigo imprint published several spin-off series, specials and one-shots featuring stories about side characters, locations and events from Gaiman’s Sandman world. This year, Vertigo revived the beloved series with four new stories, penned by writers hand-selected by Gaiman, under a new imprint known as The Sandman Universe.

All of the original The Sandman volumes, spin-offs and one-shots are included in Comixology’s sale, as well as some pre-Sandman DC comics that were folded into the Universe. The first issue in each of the new Sandman Universe series is also discounted, as is the anthology introducing the new series, The Sandman Universe #1.

If you’ve never read a single Sandman comic, this is a great opportunity to discover one of the most influential graphic novel series in the Modern Age of comics. Established fans may want to check out the new Sandman Universe series or dive into some of the earlier House of Mystery and House of Secrets stories.

The Comixology Sandman Universe Sale runs through Monday, Dec. 3. Digital volumes are all priced at $4.99 (up to $20 off) and single issues start at 99 cents.

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