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PlayStation Classic is now only $59.99

Sony’s disappointing retro release gets a huge post-Christmas sale

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PlayStation Classic - console held in hand Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony released the PlayStation Classic on Dec. 3 for $99.99, but the retro console apparently didn't find an audience willing to put up with its poor emulation and mediocre selection of games. The good news (if you didn’t buy it at launch) is that you can now buy the PlayStation Classic from most major retailers for only $59.99, saving $40 from the original price after only 23 days of release.

Here are retailers currently offering PlayStation Classic for the updated price:

“The PlayStation Classic does what it promises: It plays 20 original PlayStation games, and functions well in that regard,” Polygon news editor Michael “Mike” McWhertor said in our review of the system. “But there are few frills, no extras and absolutely no sense of care that the PlayStation represents an important part of Sony’s video game legacy other than that the plastic shell looks authentic. The system is hampered by a list of games that fail to match its ‘classic’ distinction, presumably for business reasons — licensing issues or newly released remasters, for instance.”

Players buying each game separately might spend more money, but they would get a much better experience without PlayStation Classic’s performance issues. Sony failed to create a retro console that delivered on enough of its core goals to attract players, and this latest round of discounts indicates that the current goal is to remove excess stock after the Christmas rush.

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