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Ditto Pokémon plushes are terrible and I love them

There’s nothing behind those eyes

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Ditto as Electrode, Gloom, Espeon and Poliwag enjoying a nutritious breakfast. @ditto_electrode

One of the best Twitter accounts on that entire godforsaken platform is @ditto_electrode. It’s an account “run” by a Ditto-as-Electrode plush, with pictures of the Transform Pokémon enjoying its life masquerading as a ball of static electricity. It will often post pictures with its “friends,” fellow Ditto-as-Pokémon plushes, or “selfies” while out and about. It’s adorable and wholesome and exactly what the internet needs right now.

Ditto as Electrode spawns from the Pokémon Center’s Ditto Collection, a line of plush toys featuring Ditto transformed into other Pokémon. The first set, available only in Japan in 2016 before moving to the U.S. in 2017, featured Ditto as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Clefairy plushes. Electrode was included in the most recent update to the Ditto Collection, which also featured the later generation Pokémon Alolan Vulpix, Absol, Shaymin, and Whimsicott. Earlier waves have included such favorites as Eevee (and various Eevee evolutions), Gengar, Snorlax and Magikarp.

Something about the tiny smile and wide-set eyes are cute when placed on Electrode, which is essentially just a squishy ball, but the rest of the collection looks ... pretty eerie. The smile becomes a knowing smirk and who knows what those eyes have seen.

I love all of them and their creepy little faces.

Select plushes in the Ditto Collection are available directly from the Pokémon Center’s website or from resellers at marketplaces Amazon and Walmart. A 6-inch plush retails for $15 at the Pokémon Center and between $17-$30 at Amazon (depending on where you live, the free shipping from Prime might make it cheaper).

Plushes that have been discontinued by the Pokémon Center, like Pikachu and Koffing, aren’t too hard to find on Amazon, though many of them are going for at least $50.

I hope that the Pokémon Center continues to add to the Ditto Collection, if only so that Ditto as Electrode never stops taking selfies with its friends.

Check out the gallery below for all of the Ditto plushes available right now.

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