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Marvel digital comics are half off at Amazon right now

Comixology is also running a BOGO sale

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Just about every digital comic Marvel has ever released is 50 percent off at Amazon right now, from Golden Age collections to modern classics. If it was published before Aug. 27, 2018, it’s on sale, including single issues, trades and compilations.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a series, fill holes in your collection or get acquainted with heroes coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Captain Marvel Volume 1 will introduce you to Carol Danvers, hitting screens in 2019.)

Amazon digital comics can be read either on a Kindle or via Comixology’s app. Most of these titles are available for free to members of Kindle Unlimited or Comixology Unlimited.

Comixology is also running a buy-one-get-one-free sale on Marvel comics with code BOGO. It’s essentially the same deal, provided you’re buying multiple volumes (in an even number).

Not sure where to start? Try starting a new series that’s gotten an adaptation you love or are looking forward to. Our best bets are below, many of them pulled from Susana Polo’s #1 Comic of the Week series.

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