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A Nintendo Switch bundle, Dell’s annual sale and more gaming deals

Best Buy’s limited time Switch bundle ends today

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Summer is coming to an end, which means we’re in a weird in-between time. A few summer sales are still happening but we’re also starting to see holiday shopping bundles pop up, like Best Buy’s popular Switch bundle, which includes half off your choice of one of the system’s best games. Dell’s annual sale is happening now as well, with discounts on Alienware gaming PCs, desktops and monitors. Take an extra 17 percent off with code SAVE17.

In other gaming deal news, Overwatch was added to October’s Humble Monthly, the PC mystery game bundle. New subscribers can start playing Overwatch right away, with the rest of the bundle released on Oct. 5. A Humble Monthly subscription is $12, which would be a steal even if Overwatch was the only game included.

Consoles and Hardware


  • Kirby: Star Allies on Switch at Target for $44.99 (usually $59.99).
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider pre-order on PC at Green Man Gaming for $44.97 (usually $59.99).
  • Persona 5 on PS4 at Newegg for $29.99 with code EMCPYPW62 (usually $59.99).
  • Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox One at Amazon for $14.99 (usually $19.99).
  • Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition on PS4 at the PlayStation Store and on Xbox at the Microsoft Store for $17.99 (usually $29.99).
  • Dark Souls: Remastered on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $27.99 (usually $39.99).
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $30 (usually $59.99).
  • Jackbox Party Quadpack on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $74.99 (usually $99.99).
  • The Sims 4 on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $20 (usually $49.99).
  • Chrono Trigger on PC at Green Man Gaming for $5.98 with code BIGINJAPAN.
  • Lego games up to 75 percent off at Fanatical.
  • Overwatch included in Humble Monthly bundle for $12.


Commerce Team Picks

  • Spider-Man came out on PS4 this week and I have never been more jealous of PS4 owners in my life. The web-slinging looks so fun and I’m sorely tempted to buy a PS4 just so I can swing my way through New York City. If I do give into temptation, it will be for the limited-edition Spider-Man console that, as of this writing, was still available at Target, Best Buy and GameStop.
  • Those who are planning on playing the Spider-Man PS4 game, or who just want to stay informed about what’s going on with Peter Parker, the prequel tie-in novel Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover gives more information about this game’s interpretation of Spider-Man’s New York.
  • Over on Polygon Deals Twitter yesterday we took a poll about the best superhero interpretation in video games. My pick, Batman: The Telltale Series, is also just my favorite Batman story. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the way the game handles organized crime, Bruce’s relationship with Harvey Dent and the Wayne family legacy are super interesting. Season 1 of Batman: The Telltale Series is available on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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