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The Baby Yoda merch that’s actually shipping in time for the holidays

From t-shirts to trading cards, there’s quite a few options that will ship in time for Christmas

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baby yoda sitting in his floaty crib on the mandalorian Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

The world has gone insane for Baby Yoda, but so far officially licensed merchandise has been hard to find. Getting something authentic to put under the tree has been challenging, so we went looking and rounded up some of your best bets.

Shop Disney

Disney actually is the place to go for t-shirts right now. While you’ll find a bunch of folks making a mint on Etsy and elsewhere, the Shop Disney website has the backing of a multi-billion dollar media organization. If they say it’s going to ship in time for Christmas, then I’m inclined to believe them.

And if it doesn’t, at least I’ll have someone to call and complain to.

Image: Shop Disney

Using the left-hand sidebar on the Shop Disney website doesn’t yield very good results. You’re more likely to find Rose Rico merch than anything on Baby Yoda, depending on what category you’re searching in. So head over to the search bar in the upper right of the page and just type in “the child.”

As of the time of publication there’s a handful of clothing options, including a hunter green shirt with what looks like an old-school screen printing of Baby Yoda on a blue background. Our little friend also appears on a mug, with a rich green glaze on the inside, perfect for the nerdy office worker in your life.

Best of all, the stuff that’s not shipping until 2020 is clearly labeled as a pre-order. That’s more than we can say for similar items on sale at the websites of the big box retailers.


Shopping on Amazon during the holidays can be a frustrating experience. Shopping for a pop culture commodity can be downright maddening, given the amount of knock-offs out there. Thankfully, Disney and Jeff Bezos’ side hustle have gotten together to create an official landing page for all of the properly licensed merch from The Mandalorian.

Some of the items here are also available at Shop Disney, but there’s more memes here as well. I particularly enjoy the “Protect Attack Snack” shirt, available in a variety of colors.

Image: Lucasfilm via Amazon


Turns out that the good folks at Topps have an exclusive arrangement with Lucasfilm to produce print-on-demand trading cards and glossy, framed photos of Baby Yoda (aka The Child). Still images are pulled directly from the production images, and appear for sale basically as each episode airs. Prices start at $9.99 plus shipping, and customer service tells us that there’s plenty of time left to get your order in before the holidays.

The first place to stop is Star Wars Authentics, which is a joint venture between Topps and Major League Baseball with Lucasfilm. It includes glossy photos, with or without frames, starting at $9.99. Authenticated autographs by Werner Herzog and Gina Carano are also among the offerings, but the big seller is certain to be Baby Yoda sipping his bone broth. Just search for “the child” and you’ll pull up all the available images.

Topps is also now doing print-on-demand trading card sets. Called Topps Now, there’s a five-card set for each episode. Priced at $19.99, each set is time-limited. Chapter 5 sets are on sale now, and will no longer be available by next week.

Of course, Topps has been working with the Star Wars franchise since the very beginning. The partnership isn’t ending any time soon. Star Wars Authentics manager Mark Van Ohlen tells Polygon his team is working on print-on-demand versions of all the incredible concept art that drops at the end of each episode. No word yet on when those will be available.

Right now, Van Ohlen says, his main concern is finding someone to sign all these pictures of Baby Yoda that are flying out the door.

“As a licensee we get a lot of information ahead of time,” Van Ohlen told Polygon by phone. “We didn’t know about Baby Yoda going in. So, that was a surprise for us as well. At the end of that first episode, I legit screamed and thought it was amazing.

“We’ll now wait for the show to be over when hopefully [Disney] can reveal to us who one of the puppeteers might be,” Van Ohlen continued. “We also did just see that Matthew Wood, who’s the sound engineer who works on the show, revealed that the voice of Baby Yoda is a mix of animal sounds and [actor] David Acord. Now, luckily, Matthew Wood and David Acord both sign for Topps on a regular basis. So if we get approval to use them in any capacity for like ‘voice of the child,’ we will try to roll that into autographs for Topps Star Wars cards or photos.”

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