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Baby Yoda merch is finally here

Open the blast doors

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Baby Yoda reaching out with his wee little hand
Give it to meeeee

These are the toys you’re looking for. Baby Yoda merch is back up on digital shelves after Walmart shot first broke an embargo on Tuesday morning. In addition to the Baby Yoda plush that we got an accidental sneak peek at, there are T-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and, of course, those ubiquitous bug-eyed menaces: Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

(Side note: Disney insists that the character’s name is The Child, but Twitter has spoken. He is and will always be Baby Yoda, and I will exclusively refer to him as such.)

First, the bad news. With the exception of printed goods (T-shirts, coffee cups, etc.) which are easier to manufacture quickly, Baby Yoda merchandise won’t be available until next spring. While that’s a bummer for those of us hoping to see Baby Yoda adorably stuffed into a stocking this Christmas, The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau confirmed that toy production was delayed in order to prevent spoilers from leaking. Now that the Loth-cat is out of the bag, however, manufacturers are presumably working hard to get these cuties to market before the internet moves on to its next obsession.

A product shot of Mattel’s Baby Yoda plush
Look at him.
A product shot of the Baby Yoda Funko Pop

Even though the Baby Yoda plush and Funko Pops (including a 10-inch “super sized pop”) will ship in Spring 2020, pre-orders are available now at Walmart, Amazon, and Disney’s own storefront. And for those who just can’t wait to show off their devotion to Baby Yoda, there are plenty of goodies available now, mostly in the form of T-shirts.

A T-shirt featuring Baby Yoda with the caption “when your song comes on”
Have you ever seen anyone vibe so hard?
A shirt featuring illustrations of Baby Yoda with the captions “Protect”, “Attack”, and “Snack”
A good meme done poorly

Amazon’s T-shirts largely lean into Baby Yoda’s status as a meme icon, to mixed success. While this shirt featuring Baby Yoda vibing is very good, another option botches the “he protec, he attac” format by actually spelling the words correctly.

A customizable Baby Yoda phone case
Glitter optional but encouraged
A sweatshirt featuring a black-and-white image of Baby Yoda
This is art.

ShopDisney’s own offerings almost exclusively use the concept art for Baby Yoda that Favreau shared on Twitter. It’s slapped on T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and (my personal favorite) phone cases. I’m also particularly partial to this sweatshirt featuring a black-and-white image of Baby Yoda; It looks like he’s staring directly into my soul.

Finally for some really good news: as of this writing, ShopDisney’s Cyber Monday sale was still live, which means you can save 30% off Baby Yoda shirts and other merch with code CYBER. (Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to pre-orders on the plush or Funko Pops.)

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