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Nintendo Labo kits are on sale for $40, down from launch price of $69

GameStop is taking $30 off the delightful DIY kits

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Nintendo Labo - angle photo of top right corner of box, with ‘Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit’ visible Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The Nintendo Labo line, the delightful cardboard accessory kits for Nintendo Switch, is on sale for $40 at GameStop. That includes the Vehicle Kit and Variety Kit, which were $69.99 at launch, as well as the Robot Kit, which was $79.99.

Amazon is matching pricing on the Robot Kit, but not the other two kits.

In Polygon’s review, Ben Kuchera called Nintendo Labo a “joyful ode to creation,” and we listed it as one of the best games of 2018. It’s not just a game, though — Labo is both a set of inventive peripherals, adorably dubbed Toy-Cons, and a DIY project that will be fun for both you and your kids (or stoner roommate). At $40, cheaper than most Switch games and accessories, it’s a steal.

We’d recommend sticking with either the Vehicle Kit or Variety Kit. The Vehicle Kit is the best choice when it comes to replayability, and the Variety Kit is definitely the most fun to put together. Comparatively, the game that comes with the Robot Kit is pretty boring, and, frustratingly, there’s not even an option to fight a CPU-controlled robot in the versus mode — you’d actually need to buy two Robot Kits to use that particular software.

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