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Amazon deal of the day takes up to 69 percent off Logitech keyboards, headsets, and mice

Some nice PC accessories for work or play

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Logitech K400 wireless keyboard Logitech

Rounding out Amazon’s week of deals on gaming accessories, Logitech is offering discounts of up to 69 percent on some of its keyboards, mice, and headsets in Friday’s deal of the day. Amazon and Logitech ran a similar deal back in January, but while that sale focused almost exclusively on gaming, there’s a mix of gaming and “productivity” (read: boring work) accessories included in this one. Whether you’re shopping for work or play, there are some nice deals to check out.

Logitech is known for affordable, reliable peripherals — they aren’t fancy, but they’ll get the job done. I use the K400 Plus wireless TV keyboard when I use my TV as a PC monitor. It’s super convenient and lightweight, and I don’t even have to get up from the couch to move the mouse thanks to a built-in trackpad. Right now it’s on sale for $17.98, down from $39.99. Also worth mentioning is the customizable G600 gaming mouse, built for MMOs, 69 percent off at $24.99.

Highlights from Amazon’s deal of the day are below. The sale ends at 3 a.m. ET on Saturday, March 30.