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Anthem is already on sale at Amazon

More trouble for BioWare during a rocky launch

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Anthem - cloaked figure and his purple fist BioWare/Electronic Arts

Anthem, BioWare’s first foray into online multiplayer gaming, has been fraught with issues throughout its (wide, confusing) launch window. Long loading times and poor messaging during an early beta tempered some of the initial hype, and reviews of the full game have been decidedly mixed. Adding to BioWare’s woes, Anthem is already on sale for $50.99 at Amazon, just over a week after its wide release.

Some important caveats here: The discount isn’t huge — $9 off a $60 game — and it only applies to physical copies of the standard PS4 edition. Still, it’s very rare to see a console game, especially a AAA title from a major studio, get any sort of price drop so soon after its release. (Though PC games are often discounted during launch windows at Steam key marketplaces.) Furthermore, this deal doesn’t come from BioWare itself, but through Amazon’s notoriously shady pricing algorithm.

As Russ Frushtick pointed out in Polygon’s review, a rocky start isn’t necessarily an indication that Anthem is DOA. BioWare seems committed to listening to players and making changes. As studios continue to delve deeper into the games-as-a-service model, there will inevitably be more kinks to iron out. The challenge is in growing and keeping a player base as those improvements are made.

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