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Humble announces its 20th pay-what-you-want indie games bundle

The bundle that started it all

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Humble today revealed the seven games available in its latest Indie Bundle, including silly cult favorites Dream Daddy and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. This is the company’s 20th Indie Bundle and its first of 2019.

The first Humble Indie Bundle launched in 2010 and was a project of indie studio Wolfire Games. Nearly a decade later, Humble still offers the signature pay-what-you-want PC game bundle, along with a monthly subscription service and a digital games storefront. Humble has also offered several one-off bundles.

Like previous bundles, Humble Indie Bundle 20 follows a pay-what-you-want structure, and Humble will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. The first tier of the bundle is available for $1 or more and includes DRM-free copies of Tangledeep, Among the Sleep, and The First Tree. Tangledeep is a 16-bit roguelike dungeon crawler; Among the Sleep is a survival horror game taking place inside a toddler’s dreams; The First Tree is a beautiful, story-driven exploration game.

Anyone who pays more than the average — $3.61 at time of writing — will unlock three delightfully silly games: Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, Dream Daddy, and Tooth and Tail.

Things come full circle with the seventh title, Overgrowth, which is added to the bundle when you pay $10 or more. Overgrowth, an action game about a ninja rabbit, was developed by Wolfire Games.

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