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H&M’s Pokémon collaboration expands with new Detective Pikachu styles

We only have one complaint: not enough furry Pokémon

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H&M pokémon collection
What’s the dress code at a Pokémon battle?

To know Detective Pikachu is to love Detective Pikachu. The furry, caffeine-addicted electric mouse voiced by Ryan Reynolds is capturing hearts across the world in Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the first live action Pokémon movie.

Just in time for the movie’s release, fast fashion retailer H&M launched a new collection of Pokémon apparel, expanding its line of Pokémon-themed merch. Only a few of the new designs feature Detective Pikachu himself, but all of them look like something someone would wear to, say, a parade celebrating Pokémon or an underground Pokémon battle.

H&M’s Pokémon collection goes beyond the graphic t-shirts typical of movie tie-in apparel. While there are a bunch of very good tees included in the line, there’s also a work-appropriate (depending on how cool your office is) patterned button-up shirt, cropped hoodies, and some shorts, including something called “sweatshorts.” For the kiddos — because, let’s face it, as much as we love Detective Pikachu, it’s a movie for children — H&M released three adorable new shirts, plus a patterned dress and leggings.

Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., the full collection seems only to be available in Asia. But we’re not totally out of luck. Most of the t-shirts, the button-up shirt, and the kids clothes made it over, along with some boxer briefs covered in Pokéballs. We’ll let you deal with the implications there on your own.

Check out the H&M Pokémon line in the gallery below.

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