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Upgrade your Nintendo Switch with a 512 GB MicroSD card for $100

This is a great price for a lot of storage

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The Nintendo Switch only comes with 32 GB of internal storage, and a chunk of that is already used by its operating system. You’re going to want to add a MicroSD card if you play a lot of games, and Amazon currently has Samsung’s 512 GB MicroSD card on sale for only $99.99. That’s half the standard price for a Samsung MicroSD card of that size.

You can also save $5 on the 256 GB MicroSD card, which is on sale for $44.99 instead of $49.99, but it’s worth spending the extra money to double the storage space, especially at this price.

A roomy MicroSD card is one of the best upgrades you can buy for the Switch, and it’s incredibly freeing to be able to buy games whenever you’d like without having to worry about the amount of space you have left on the system. If you have yet to take the plunge on expanding the storage of your Switch, this is the perfect excuse to slam in a huge card and then forget about it.

Hopefully the long-rumored hardware update for the Nintendo Switch will come with extra storage space, but this is the next best solution in the meantime.

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