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Prop replicas, tarot cards, and booze: gifts for every Game of Thrones fan

The show is ending, but fandom is forever

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Johnnie Walker

Game of Thrones may be our last big water-cooler show. The rise of on-demand streaming services and the sheer amount of available content means that people are rarely watching the same show at the same time anymore. But still, like clockwork, Twitter lights up on Sunday nights with fan reactions to HBO’s massive fantasy series.

The final episode of Game of Thrones is fast approaching, but its place in our culture will surely last for years to come (probably joining a long list of massive hit shows with controversial endings.) Several spin-off series are in the works and HBO has greenlit one of them, a prequel. Plus, we’ve still got two more books on the horizon, assuming George R. R. Martin ever finishes them.

And of course a show this big inspires a booming market for collectible stuff. HBO’s online shop has tons of merch or you can just search “Game of Thrones” on Amazon or Etsy and you’ll find hundreds of listings in varying degrees of quality and thematic relevance. Whether you’re shopping for a Game of Thrones super-fan or looking to spruce up your finale watch party, there’s a whole bunch of random crap to wade through. So in honor of the culmination of one of the biggest stories of the decade, we’ve rounded up our favorite Thrones-inspired gifts, from tie-in books to branded booze.

Prop replicas

  • $31

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Collectors and cosplayers can splurge on prop replicas, from important weapons like Longclaw and Oathkeeper, to The Hound’s mask and Cersei’s crown. There are even a few foam replicas, since most convention centers won’t let you bring in, ya know, an actual sword.

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