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‘Epic Mega Sale’ on Epic Games Store offers deep discounts and free games each week

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After accidentally announcing it in a Fortnite popup, the Epic Games Store’s first major sale is here and it’s an “Epic Mega” one. Every game at the storefront priced over $14.99 will be $10 off, with some titles discounted even more. Plus, Epic is doubling down on its free game strategy with a new free title every week during the sale, which runs though June 13.

A FAQ section anticipates many of the common complaints that pop up during big sales events, like “What if I pre-ordered before the sale started?” and “Aw man, I just bought that game and now it’s on sale!” Most retailers will refund the difference if pre-orders are discounted between purchase and launch, but Epic is also refunding the price difference to customers who bought a game at its storefront between May 2 and May 15.

The six-month-old Epic Games Store has been making waves in the PC games space, snapping up exclusives and causing a some controversy along the way. The fact that this sale comes a few weeks before Steam’s annual Summer Sale is another shot across the bow of Valve.

The best deals from the Epic Games Store’s “Epic Mega Sale” are below. The sale ends on June 13.