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Atari VCS pre-orders open, will ship in March 2020

Indiegogo backers can expect their consoles in December

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product shot showing the Atari VCS and its two controller types RC Rivera

The Atari VCS finally has a launch date. Pre-orders for the retro console are available now at GameStop, Walmart, and directly from Atari, with units scheduled to ship in March 2020.

Those who backed the project through the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo can expect their units later this year.

Starting at $249.99 for a console with 4 GB RAM, Atari’s new device costs quite a bit more than the NES Classic or PlayStation Classic did at launch ($59.99 and $99.99 respectively, though Sony’s console has seen several price drops). In fairness, though, it’s a much more powerful system. Rather than just sticking an emulator in a hunk of plastic and calling it a day, Atari outfitted its new device with an AMD processor and 4K and HDR support. It’s essentially a Linux PC loaded up with old Atari games.

Atari is also releasing a classic joystick and modern controller alongside the console. The base model, the Atari VCS 400 doesn’t include either gamepad, nor does the $279.99 Atari VCS 800 (with 8 GB RAM). Sold separately, the joystick is $49.99 and the controller is $59.99. Atari is offering an “All In” bundle with the VCS 800 and both the joystick and controller for $389.99.

While the stand-alone consoles only come in black, each retailer has a different exclusive color console included in the All In bundles. Walmart’s is a “Kevlar gold”, GameStop’s is the standard “onyx”, and Atari itself has the very retro-looking “black walnut”.

Atari will be showing off the new console during this year’s E3 conference, so expect hands-on impressions to start trickling out soon. In the meantime, check out more images of the console and gamepads below.