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512 GB microSD cards are down to their lowest price yet in an Amazon deal of the day

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Adding storage to your Switch has never been cheaper

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Storage devices just keep getting cheaper. In today’s Amazon deal of the day, a 512 GB microSD card from PNY is on sale for $80.99. That’s is the lowest price we’ve seen on a card that size, by about $20, and it’s more than 50 percent off the $169.99 launch price on this particular model.

There’s also a PNY Pro Elite 512 GB micro SD card, which is a bit faster and can record 4K video, on sale for $89.99.

With the Nintendo Switch’s measly 32 GB of internal memory, a storage upgrade is practically a necessity, unless you’re willing to buy only physical games or pick and choose which games to keep installed at any given time. 512 GB will hold a lot of games; I’m only just beginning to reach capacity on the 256 GB card I put in my Switch over a year ago.

The Amazon deal of the day discounts some other PNY storage devices as well, including flash drives, SSDs, and standard SD cards. It ends at 3 a.m. ET on Friday, June 15.