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ThinkGeek officially absorbed by GameStop, offers a 50 percent off closeout sale

RIP Timmy, a real one

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ThinkGeek, the beloved collectibles site that’s been a staple of the internet since 1999, is closing its virtual doors. GameStop, which acquired the company in 2015, will fully absorb ThinkGeek on July 2.

Browse any entertainment-adjacent site these days (including Polygon dot com) and you’re likely to be met with banner ads for Avengers T-shirts and Pokémon plushes, but it wasn’t always this way. ThinkGeek was one of the first places on the internet to reliably find cute, geeky merch. While sites like Her Universe and Loot Crate have popped up in the two decades since, ThinkGeek continued to be a standard bearer in this very niche space.

ThinkGeek also holds a special place in our hearts for promoting, at times, some of the weirdest products we’ve ever seen on the internet (and that is saying something). Some, like the Alien facehugger snorkel, were April Fools’ Day jokes brought to life. Others look more like a YouTube comments section gained sentience and designed its ideal outfit. Hey, they can’t all be winners.

Speaking personally as Polygon’s resident shopping expert, ThinkGeek has been a go-to for me when looking for fun, unique, and geeky products to recommend to y’all and I’m sad to see it go.

ThinkGeek isn’t disappearing completely, though. An FAQ section on the site indicates that “you will be able to shop a curated selection of unique items historically found on via a ThinkGeek section at GameStop,” which makes it sound like there won’t be any new ThinkGeek products moving forward. That same FAQs also states that ThinkGeek stores will remain open for now, and there will continue to be a ThinkGeek section in most GameStop stores.

On the bright side, until the site shuts down for good, you’ve got a few weeks to shop the ThinkGeek catalog with a 50% off coupon. Code MOVINGDAY takes half off anything on the site.