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Twitch ‘Sells Out’ on Prime Day with a shopping channel and esports tournaments

‘It’s going to be really dumb and really fun.’

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Twitch is getting in on the Amazon Prime Day action (while leaning into some of its more unflattering connotations) with a decidedly tongue-in-cheek “Twitch Sells Out” stream.

On Prime Day(s), July 15 and 16, the Twitch Presents channel will broadcast from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PT, with Twitch streamers showcasing those Amazon Prime Day deals that will specifically be of interest to the Twitch community. That includes games and gaming hardware, of course, but also other electronics, kitchenware, and “some of Prime Day’s more...unusual items for sale.”

The blog post announcing the QVC-style stream is dripping with attempts at self-aware humor, like this bit about the hosts for the broadcast:

“They’re all currently locked in a windowless room watching an almost unhealthy amount of infomercials to get ready.”

Twitch has yet to announce which of its stars will be on hand for the big event, but promises that dozens of its most popular streamers are signed on. The full list of hosts who have agreed to “sell out” will be announced on July 10.

Of course, anyone can watch the stream but the deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. Prime members can also connect their Twitch accounts for free channel subscriptions, custom emotes, exclusive in-game loot, and occasional one-off deals like the current Nintendo Switch Online offer.

In addition to the Twitch Sells Out stream, Twitch will host two celebrity esports tournaments on its Twitch Prime channel in the lead up to Prime Day. The Twitch Prime Crown Cup will kick off at 10 a.m. PT on July 13, with an EA Sports tournament live from London followed by a Apex Legends competition streamed from Las Vegas. Professional athletes, musicians, and other celebrities are slated to compete.

Tied to the tournaments, starting on July 3 and continuing throughout July and August, Twitch Prime members can score exclusive in-game loot for Apex Legends and EA Sports titles.

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