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Walmart, Target, eBay are all running big sales of their own on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day has officially surpassed Amazon

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PlayStation 4 Pro Sony Interactive Entertainment

As Amazon Prime Day continues to expand its reach, Amazon’s competitors are trying to beat the retail behemoth at its own game — or at least claim second place.

Prime Day is a bona fide shopping holiday, but it’s also an Amazon trademark, so retailers have to get creative in order to siphon off some of that Prime Day magic, with names like “Black Friday in July”, “Summer Savings”, or eBay’s aggressive “Crash Day”.

The good news is that this competition means more and better deals for us. While Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members, anyone can shop Walmart’s or eBay’s deals. And last year you could sometimes find better discounts at other retailers, so be sure to do your research before dropping serious cash. (That’s true whenever making a big purchase, but doubly so on these big shopping events when companies hope that you’ll get caught up in the hype.)

So, like we’re doing with Amazon, we’ll be updating this post with the best non-Prime Day gaming and entertainment deals from non-Amazon retailers. If you’re not a Prime member, want to avoid shopping at Amazon, or just want to comparison shop, this is the place to look.

an Xbox One X controller standing in front of an Xbox One X Photo: Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios


While Walmart is offering a slightly different Nintendo Switch bundle than Amazon, in practice it’s basically identical. Rather than a $35 eShop gift card, Walmart’s bundle includes half off a Switch game.

More highlights from Walmart’s “Summer Savings” sale below.


The electronics company Newegg is running a “Fantastech Sale” on hardware and accessories. If your PC gaming setup could use an upgrade, it’s worth checking out. We pulled out some highlights, but there are a while bunch of PC components on offer as well.

If you see Amazon’s crash page (featuring adorable dogs) on Prime Day, eBay will drop more deals.


Openly taunting Amazon, eBay is running a “Crash Sale” referencing its biggest competitor’s site crashing on Prime Day last year. It promises to drop even more deals if history repeats itself this year. The retailer also released a press release saying it will offer “deals on the things [shoppers] actually want”, an oblique reference to the perception that Amazon just uses Prime Day to clean out its unwanted inventory.

To eBay’s credit, it’s backing up those bold moves with some excellent deals on video games and gaming hardware. Some highlights are below.


Dell’s going full Black Friday with a “Cyber Monday in July” event, with timed doorbuster deals in limited quantities. There are a few discounts to check out if you’re in the market for a new gaming PC — they’re listed below with launch dates. The doorbusters start at 11 a.m. ET unless otherwise noted.