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Upcoming Lego sets featuring Avengers, Star Wars and Overwatch are revealed at SDCC

Plus, Comic-Con exclusives and giveaways

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Lego versions of Overwatch’s Junkrat and Roadhog riding a Lego motorcycle The Lego Group

Lego fans headed to Comic-Con International this weekend will get an exclusive first look at the company’s upcoming building sets on display on the show floor. The new sets expand on Lego’s partnerships with three beloved franchises, The Avengers, Star Wars, and Overwatch, and are due to be released in the coming months.

In June, The Lego Group announced two additions to its Overwatch line, featuring Junkertown’s favorite sons, Wrecking Ball, Junkrat and Roadhog. The 227-piece Wrecking Ball set will retail for $29.99 and comes complete with a Hammond minifigure, which can be ejected from his mech with the turn of a handle. And in the 380-piece Junkrat and Roadhog set ($49.99), the buddies park their signature chopper atop a Junkertown road sign. Both sets will hit shelves on Oct. 1.

Product photo of Wrecking Ball Lego set Lego

Then on Nov. 25, Hulk bursts onto the scene in a “Hulk Helicopter Drop” building set. The $59.99 set includes both Hulk and Black Widow in their Time Heist suits, fighting the airborne Chitauri via helicopter. Lego appears to be getting creative with timelines here since Hulk wore the Infinity Gauntlet very briefly and, ya know, Natasha...wasn’t...present during that final fight.

Lego figures of the Hulk, Black Widow, Chitauri warriors, and an Avengers helicopter The Lego Group

Finally, two scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope will get the Lego treatment early next year. The first is Obi Wan’s hut where the Jedi master introduces the young Skywalker to both The Force and lightsabers. The second is a new model of Luke’s Landspeeder, complete with Luke, C-3PO, and a Jawa hiding out in a cave. They’ll each retail for $29.99.

Obi Wan Kenobi’s hut from Star Wars: A New Hope, recreated in Lego The Lego Group
A Lego model of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder from Star Wars: A New Hope The Lego Group

The new sets aren’t yet listed on Lego’s website, but Lego VIPs will likely be invited to pre-order in the next few weeks.

The Lego booth is also showcasing San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sets this weekend: a Batman 80th Anniversary diorama, a model of Captain Marvel and her ship, and a bust of the new Sith Trooper helmet from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The Lego Group is hosting giveaways for two new exclusive minifigures as well: Spider-Man in his Advance Suit from the PS4 game, and Zebra Batman from the 1960s comic.

San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 18-21. Find more information about the show, including big announcements and new trailers, in the storystream below.

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