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PlayStation Store has another flash sale, but no Mid-Year Sale ... yet?

Who knows if it’s happening this year :shruggie emoji:

playstation store Sony Interactive Entertainment America

We’re now three weeks past the time, last year, when the PlayStation Store held its Mid-Year Sale extravaganza, and the only thing we’ve seen so far is this month’s flash sale, with a library of titles comprised of a lot of Devolver Digital and Deep Silver works.

Sorry to get your hopes up, if your hopes aren’t up for Dead Island’s many editions, Homefront: The Revolution, the Shadow Warrior remakes or Hotline Miami. There are still some chestnuts among the savings offered — up to 75 percent off their list price, if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The sale lasts until Monday, July 22 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Batman: Arkham Knight and the Arkham Trilogy Bundle are both more than 50 percent off; Diablo 3 is down to $7.50 (half off); Super Blood Hockey, the new indie arcade-sports title, is at a more modest discount but low price overall ($10.49) and the aforementioned Shadow Warrior Collection is $14.99. Zen Studios has several tables and bundles for its Zen Pinball franchise on the trading block, too.

Incredibly, there are some PlayStation 3 games also included, but it looks like the two listings for DC Universe Online appear to be an error. Neither product appear on the sale’s page on the PlayStation Store, nor under the PS3 overall, and that’s a good thing — because Daybreak Game Company ended PS3 support for the 2011 superhero MMO in January 2018.

Commenters underneath the sale listing vacillate between put-off indifference to the wares being offered and put-off indifference to others’ put-off indifference. Mostly, they want to know where the Mid-Year Sale is. Maybe someone decided the Days of Play Sale, which has run around E3 since 2017, was enough.

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