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Epic Games Store offers two free games this week: Moonlighter and This War of Mine

Epic is making sure that everyone can play

Moonlighter - guy standing in front of door with four locks Digital Sun/11 bit Studios

In June, the Epic Games Store upped its free game cadence, announcing that it would drop a new free title every week for the rest of 2019. During the last week of July, however, Epic is offering two free indie titles: Moonlighter and This War of Mine.

This is the first time the digital storefront has offered two free games at once, though it appears it won’t be the last. In a blog post explaining the move, Epic clarified that since the wartime survival game This War of Mine is rated M, younger players may be restricted from picking it up due to parental controls. The post confirms that, “whenever [Epic chooses] a M-rated or PEGI-18 title as a weekly free game, [it] will also offer another free game that will be more accessible to players of all ages.”

Both Moonlighter and This War of Mine were published by indie developer 11 bit Studios, and both feature everyday heroes stepping up in the face of chaos. However, to say they’re drastically different in tone is an understatement. This War of Mine is a brutal look at the no-win scenarios that war forces on ordinary civilians. Meanwhile Moonlighter is about an ambitious shopkeeper who goes on fantasy adventures.

Seemingly confirming Epic’s promise that it will provide another option when it drops an M-rated game, next week’s free games are Ubisoft’s gory For Honor alongside the supernatural thriller Alan Wake.

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