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Join us on Twitter for an exclusive deal from Comixology

Save $5 off your next comics purchase

If you’re not yet following Polygon Deals, our Twitter account highlighting the best sales in gaming and entertainment (and occasionally new releases and will-probably-sell-out preorders), now’s a great time to get on board. Comixology is offering Polygon Deals followers a special discount — $5 off a $15 purchase at the digital comics marketplace with our exclusive promo code.

The Comixology deal ends on July 17, which gives you plenty of time to browse our comics section for recommendations on what to pick up. Our new roundup of the best Spider-Man comics of all time is a great place to start if you just saw Far From Home and are craving more Peter Parker in your life.

Sure, there’s nothing stopping you from just using the promo code without following our (very good, if we do say so ourselves) Twitter account, but you’ll be missing out on future exclusives that we might not post anywhere else.

The Polygon Deals account is also where we highlight some of the more weird, obscure, or otherwise out there products that we love but don’t necessarily merit placement on Polygon’s front page. For example, adorable toys and this beautifully ridiculous internet-themed rug. Plus, there are sometimes memes.