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The End is Nigh and Abzu are free at the Epic Games Store

Available to download now!

Abzu screenshot

The latest free games to hit the Epic Games Store are masocore platformer The End is Nigh and immersive diving adventure game Abzu. Both will be available to download from Sept. 5 through Sept. 12.

The End is Nigh, from indie developers Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel, is a creepy, tongue-in-cheek game about a small blob named Ash who is trying to make a friend at the end of the world while dying over and over again. McMillen previously worked on the similarly crude and punishing games Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac.

Because The End is Nigh is rated M, Epic is also giving Abzu away for free this week. (The company confirmed earlier in 2019 that it will offer an alternative when parental controls would prevent some users from downloading a free game.)

Abzu is an immersive underwater exploration adventure game developed by the appropriately named Giant Squid Studios. As the Diver, players glide through the ocean, restoring life to damaged ecosystems with the help of a friendly great white shark.

Both The End is Nigh and Abzu are available for free on Windows PC at the Epic Games Store. They will be replaced on Sept. 12 by Lovecraftian puzzle game Conarium.