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SteelSeries’ new low-end gaming accessories are as cheap as office supplies

A new mouse and keyboard for the budget-conscious gamer

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A product shot of SteelSeries Rival 3 mouse and Apex 5 keyboard Photo: SteelSeries

SteelSeries is mostly known for mid- to high-end gaming accessories — the $329.99 Arctis Pro Wireless is one of Polygon’s favorites — but on Tuesday the company announced three new budget-friendly options aimed towards more casual gamers. With a price point starting at $29.99, these new accessories are meant to replace traditional office supplies you’d pick up at Staples rather than compete with the high-end peripherals already on the market.

The new Rival 3 mouse replaces SteelSeries’ previous entry-level gaming mouse, the Rival 310. Rather than using a traditional desktop sensor, the Rival 3 houses SteelSeries’ new TrueMove Core optical sensor with the true one-to-one tracking that you’d see in a more expensive tournament-ready mouse. The company claims this is “a huge [performance] leap.” The Rival 3 is also fully customizable and, because all gaming accessories must scream gamer, it lights up with “crazy bright” RGB lighting. At a price point of $29.99, those specs offer a good bang for your buck, especially if you’re still using a regular office mouse to play Overwatch.

A product shot of the SteelSeries Rival 3 mouse Photo: SteelSeries

Along with the Rival 3, SteelSeries launched two new keyboards: the Apex 3 and Apex 5. Both keyboards are modeled after the company’s high-end Apex Pro line, with the same aluminum frame, magnetic wrist rest, RGB lighting, and programmable OLED screen that can be adjusted to display Discord messages, helpful in-game information, or even custom gifs.

The main difference between these two models appears to be the key switches. While the Apex 3 uses low-friction, “whisper-quiet” membrane switches, the Apex 5 is a hybrid model, which “combine[s] the smoothness of a membrane switch, with the added durability, performance and satisfying tactile click of a blue mechanical switch.” Both keyboards also boast “gaming grade anti-ghosting technology.”

While the Apex 3 sits at a solidly affordable $49.99, the Apex 5 is skirting a mid-range price point at $99.99.

All three new accessories are available now at most retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and directly from SteelSeries.

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