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Which edition of Doom Eternal should you buy?

Doom Eternal will be released March 20 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One

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Doom Eternal - urban assault id Software/Bethesda Softworks

Doom Eternal, the sequel to Bethesda Softworks and id Software’s 2016 Doom reboot, is finally hitting shelves on March 20. Originally set to be released in November 2019, id Software delayed the game in order to “live up to [their] standards of speed and polish.”

Early looks at the game have showed off new weapons, new moves, and new enemies for the Doom Slayer to, well, slay. Doom Eternal will also have a multiplayer mode called Battlemode, as well as an Invasion Mode which allows players to invade each others’ single-player campaigns as demons. (Invasion Mode won’t be available at launch, but will be released as a free download after launch.)

Doom Eternal will be available on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch port will come at a later date, but Switch players will probably be otherwise occupied anyway — Animal Crossing: New Horizons also launches on March 20.

Bethesda is offering a few pre-order bonuses with Doom Eternal, as well as several different editions of the game. Below, we break down what’s included in each version.

Doom Eternal pre-order bonuses

Doom Eternal rip and tear pack pre-order bonuses Image: Bethesda Softworks/iD Software

Pre-ordering any version of Doom Eternal will get you the “Rip and Tear” DLC pack. In addition to a throwback shotgun weapon skin and a bonus campaign level, the pack includes the Doot Revenant Skin, which outfits the game’s skeleton-like revenants with trumpets mounted on its shoulders, based on the Doom Doot meme. Pre-orders also include a free copy of the Doom 64 re-release.

Doom Eternal Standard Edition

The standard edition of Doom Eternal includes just the base game, as well as any pre-order bonuses. Best Buy is also including a SteelBook case with all physical versions of the game. Doom Eternal will cost $59.99, but Amazon and Walmart both marked pre-orders down to $49.94.

Buy Doom Eternal here: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | Walmart | Bethesda

Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition

Components of the Doom Eternal digital edition Image: Bethesda Softworks/iD Software

The Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition costs $89.99 and includes some extra digital goodies. In addition to pre-order bonuses, you’ll get an extra Demon Slayer skin and classic weapons sound pack. The deluxe edition also comes with the Year One pass, which will grant access to the first two single-player campaign expansions as they’re released throughout the year.

Buy Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition here: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | Walmart | Bethesda

Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition

The components of the Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition Image: Bethesda Softworks/iD Software

The Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition costs $199.99 and includes the digital bonuses from the digital version as well as a bunch of physical collectibles: a SteelBook case, a wearable Doom Slayer helmet, a cassette tape of the Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal soundtracks, a book of lore, and a lithograph print. It’s currently sold out, but you can set up in-stock notifications at Amazon or the Bethesda store in case some copies are returned.

Buy Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition here: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | Bethesda

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