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Splatoon 2, Nintendo Switch controllers, and more of the week’s best deals

Plus, a sale on Umbrella Academy comics

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A screenshot from Splatoon 2, overlaid with the Polygon Deals logo

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner and haven’t played Splatoon 2 yet, now’s the time to remedy that. A digital copy of the paint-based shooter is down to $39.99 at Amazon, $20 off standard price. (It will be delivered via email as a digital code.)

Two Nintendo Switch controllers are also on sale this weekend, a wireless and wired version. The wireless controller is from PowerA, and features Animal Crossing’s favorite singer/songwriter, K.K. Slider. The wired controller is from PDP and has a Mario theme.

And for fans of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, which just got a new season 2 trailer, Comixolgy is running a sale on the comics that inspired the show. Written by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, the series follows a group of young superheroes whose adopted father mysteriously dies.

More of the weekend’s best deals are below.

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