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Casetify channels the ’90s with new line of Pokémon phone cases

Were you a tie-dye T-shirt ’90s kid or a checkered Vans ’90s kid?

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A model holds a tie-dye Casetify x Pokémon phone case Photo: Casetify

Tech accessory manufacturer Casetify is teaming up with The Pokémon Company on a new line of designs featuring Pikachu and friends. Last year the two companies collaborated on three separate collections of Pokémon phone cases and other accessories, all of which sold out within just a few days.

This new line is dubbed the Original Collection, and features phone cases, laptop cases, AirPod cases, Apple Watch straps, and wireless charging pads inspired by the ’90s. Depending on what flavor of ’90s kid you were, you can choose between tie-dye and checkered patterns, with beloved Gen 1 Pokémon like Pikachu, Squirtle, Charizard, Snorlax, Mew, Gengar, and perfect bone-headed boy Cubone represented.

One of the most popular items from the previous Casetify/Pokémon collection was a phone case designed to look like it’s covered in Pokémon stickers. This new launch brings it back, adding a tie-dye background to fit the ’90s theme. Another tie-dye option includes a space to customize the design with your name (or any other word that fits), which feels like a spiritual successor to those shirts you’d buy at the boardwalk with your name airbrushed on them, a.k.a. the most ’90s thing ever.

The Casetify x Pokémon Original Collection will drop on Aug. 12. Previous collections sold out quickly, and we expect that this launch will be no different, but if you sign up for the waitlist, Casetify will send you a reminder email as soon as the designs go on sale. In the meantime, you can check out official images of the collection in the gallery below.

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