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Dbrand’s ROG Ally case is available to pre-order

The case and accessories are coming sometime in Q1 2024

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GIF: Dbrand
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Despite the array of useful accessories available for the Asus ROG Ally, my thirst for a more better, more protective case for the handheld PC is palpable. Thankfully, the accessory overlords at Dbrand are coming through with a new version of the exquisitely engineered Killswitch case made for the ROG Ally. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for a launch slated for sometime in early 2024.

In case this sounds familiar, the Killswitch case for the ROG Ally bears the same name as well as a striking resemblance to the protective case Dbrand made for Valve’s Steam Deck handheld. The pricing for the ROG Ally’s Killswitch is the same, too. Putting $3 down right now reserves your unit, giving you guaranteed access to stock before the general public. The basic $59.95 package includes the Killswitch case and a skin of your choice, while the $74.95 bundle adds the travel cover and stick grips.

ROG Ally fans have been clamoring for this one for good reason. The case is made of tough, yet flexible plastic that allows it to fit snugly over the back and onto the handgrips on both sides of the handheld. The back of the case features an attached kickstand, but unlike its Steam Deck counterpart, the kickstand on the back of the ROG Ally model is not removable.

Dbrand claims it has worked closely with the ROG Ally design team to ensure that its case doesn’t obstruct airflow, or get in the way of connectivity with the Asus XG Mobile eGPU used to deliver enhanced performance to the console. As such, the case features a mesh cutout on the back for ventilation, plus generous margins around its various ports.

A stock photo of the rear of the Killswitch case for the ROG Ally
The mesh cutout features a message printed in morse code, but Dbrand wouldn’t divulge its meaning to us.
Image: Dbrand

In addition to the case and travel cover that snaps onto the front to protect the screen, Dbrand will also be offering stick grips, tempered glass screen protectors, and most importantly for those who care about aesthetics, a series of adhesive skins for the front of the handheld to provide alternate colors and designs for the otherwise bone-white chassis. The stick grips, travel case, and skins will all be available to purchase piecemeal following the initial launch.

A stock image of the Killswitch travel case for the Asus ROG Ally
The travel cover for the Killswitch case securely snaps into place to protect the screen and thumbsticks while in transit.
Image: Dbrand

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