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Indigenous TTRPG Coyote & Crow is free for today only

The publisher has made the core rulebook free in honor of Indigenous People’s Day

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An illustration from the Coyote & Crow TTRPG Image: Coyote & Crow
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In honor of Indigenous People’s Day on Oct. 9, Coyote & Crow Games has made the core rulebook for their evocative pen-and-paper RPG, Coyote & Crow, free to own for one day only. While the publisher suggests that the Indigenous community in particular should take advantage of this deal, anyone looking to add the game’s $70 core rulebook to their library is welcome to pay whatever they deem fair. PDF downloads of the core ruleset are available directly from the publisher’s website, which also includes a portal for monetary donations.

The setting of Coyote & Crow is built around an alternate history wherein the colonization of North America never occurred, and instead allowed its indigenous people to become a thriving civilization that spans the continent. Since its initial launch last year, Coyote & Crow has expanded with a wealth of additional thematic adventures based on its ruleset, penned by a talented team of Native American and First Nations writers.

If you’re looking for additional ways to support this indigenous developer, we’d recommend checking out their online storefront, which features several slick accessories, supplementary literature, and cool merch all focused around Coyote & Crow’s titular TTRPG.

A stock photo of the Coyote & Crow core rulebook, dice game, DM screen, enamel pins, and custom dice Image: Coyote & Crow

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