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Buying Disney Lorcana’s new expansion from Amazon will require a virtual queue

You can request an invite to join Amazon’s virtual queue now.

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The evil witch, Raya, and Beast in a collage of images from Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn Image: Ravensburger and Disney
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Amazon is taking some extra precautions for the launch of the second set of Disney Lorcana, Rise of the Floodborn. Following a disastrous online launch of the first series of Disney Lorcana, including a DDoS attack on the official Disney Lorcana site, which ultimately led to delisting the products for purchase, Amazon has instituted a digital queue system to purchase the new cards starting Dec. 1.

While Rise of the Floodborn has been available at Disney Parks, the Times Square Disney Store, and other local games stores since Nov. 17, this is the first opportunity to purchase the sophomore set of cards from an online retailer.

At the time of posting, prospective buyers can join the virtual queue by requesting an invitation on the respective pages for Rise of the Floodborn products, or via Amazon’s Ravensburger page. The virtual queue is expected to remain open for a few days, and once it closes, invitations to purchase these products will be assigned randomly via e-mail. The e-mail gives you a 72-hour window to purchase, after which your slot will go to someone else.

The only products currently available to pre-order through Amazon are the Amber/Sapphire and Amethyst/Steel Starter Decks in addition to Booster Display Boxes. Furthermore, purchases of each product will be limited to two per person. While Ravensburger has stated that it won’t sell Rise of the Floodborn products from its online storefront, other online retailers like Target and Shop Disney currently have these items in stock, including some of the new accessories. The list of available retailers is likely to expand, and we’ll always encourage trying your luck at your local game store.

Lorcana continues to be the hot ticket item of the season, with virtually every format of the popular card game sold out at online retailers, and receiving massive markups on the secondary market.

Update (Dec. 1): We’ve updated this article to reflect the opening of Amazon’s virtual queue, as well as the launch of Rise of the Floodborn products at other online retailers.

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