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Get 25 Pathfinder books for $25 at Humble

The Pathfinder Legacy bundle offers a stack of core rulebooks and supplements for just $25

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Logo for the Pathfinder Second Edition Legacy Bundle with Pathfinder key art in the background Image: Humble, Paizo
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Pathfinder is one of the best alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons, and if you’ve been looking for a way to break into Paizo’s fantasy TTRPG, you can currently pick up a stack of second-edition core rulebooks and supplementary materials from Humble starting at just $5. The second-edition Pathfinder ruleset is an excellent system that we can definitely recommend for a more refined tabletop experience.

The proceeds from your Humble Bundle purchase not only go to recently unionized publisher Paizo, but a portion is also set aside to benefit ComicBooks for Kids! A charity foundation that supplies comics to kids in hospitals and cancer centers in the U.S. and Canada.

A minimum donation of just $5 gets you PDFs of the following Pathfinder products, giving you everything you need to cook up your own characters and dive into Pathfinder. If you need additional info about exactly what you’re getting with each of these products, we’ve linked out to Paizo’s online store which provides a detailed list of their contents.

If you donate at least $15, you’ll get everything from the previous tier plus the following PDFs to add a little extra flavor to your campaign.

The best value, however, is the 25-item bundle, which includes everything from the previous tiers and the following additional items for a minimum donation of $25.

Any of the tiered bundles on offer are great for those looking to break into the Pathfinder system, but it’s worth noting that these are exclusively virtual goods, meaning you’ll have to seek out external printing resources at places like or your local FedEx or Office Depot if you’re planning to use Flip Mats or a bunch of character tokens for your next campaign.

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